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Pinot Cuvée trocken 2018 - Zehnthof Pinot Cuvée trocken 2018 - Zehnthof
Red wine dry Germany Franconia (DE)
Sulzfelder Spätburgunder trocken 2017 - Zehnthof Sulzfelder Spätburgunder trocken 2017 - Zehnthof
Red wine dry Germany Franconia (DE) Sulzfeld (DE)
Sulzfelder Weißburgunder trocken 2019 - Zehnthof Sulzfelder Weißburgunder trocken 2019 - Zehnthof
White wine dry Germany Franconia (DE) Sulzfeld (DE)
bio bio
- Silvaner trocken 2019 - Zehnthof
White wine dry Germany Franconia (DE)

The Luckert family is behind the Zehnthof in Sulzfeld am Main. Ulrich, Wolfgang and Philipp cultivate 17 hectares of vineyard in Sulzfeld am Main.

The historic town gate in Sulzfeld am Main

The Luckert family and the Zehnthof

The history of the Luckert family as winegrowers begins in the early 60s with Theo and Luitgard Luckert. In the beginning they produced wine in barrels, but soon they switched to bottles. Already at that time they cultivated Pinot Blanc, unusual for that time.

In 1975, the company moved to the Zehnthof, which gave it its name. The building from 1558 was completely renovated over 12 years. In 1990, the Luckerts leased their current Berg 1, on which they were later to start ecological viticulture. 

Terroir of the Main Valley near Sulzfeld

Typical and stylistic for the wines of the Zehnthof is the shell limestone, which characterizes the soil of the winery. The Luckerts own a vineyard in the Große Lage Maustal, as well as the Sonnenberg and the Berg 1, both Erste Lagen according to the classification of the VDP. With south/southeast exposure, the vines enjoy good sunlight.

Viticulture in Franconia

The following grape varieties are cultivated by the Luckerts:

  • Silvaner
  • Riesling
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Frühburgunder

While the wines from the Maustal tend to be fine and elegant, the Berg 1 produces firm and extract-rich wines, so that the sites are unmistakable.

Philosophy of Luckert's wines

The Luckerts like to describe the style of the Zehnthof as "Franconian dry". The wines are completely fermented, the residual sugar content is very low. Mineral and spicy, the wines demand time and attention from the connoisseur. Cautious cultivation with utmost care, which is required by the limestone soils at the Zehnthof, as well as no use of supposed technical blessings characterize the wines, which are allowed to ripen a little longer.

More information aboutZehnthof Luckert

Company Name:Weingut Zehnthof
Street:Kettengasse 3-5
City:97320 Sulzfeld am Main
Region:Lower Franconia
Contact & Web
Telephone:+49 (0)9321 - 237 78
Fax:+49 (0)9321 - 5077
Year of Incorporation:1970
Cultivated Area:17 hectare
Agricultural Methods, Cultivation:Cordon system