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Frizzante Valentin weiss - Winzerkeller Sommerach
Frizzante Valentin weiss - Winzerkeller Sommerach
Semi-sparkling wine dry - sec Germany Franconia (DE)
Editon 3 Winzer Silvaner trocken - Winzerkeller Sommerach
2019 2021
Editon 3 Winzer Silvaner trocken - Winzerkeller Sommerach
White wine Germany Franconia (DE)
- Silvaner trocken 1,0 l - Winzerkeller Sommerach
White wine dry Germany Franconia (DE)

It was an emergency situation that led fifteen winegrowing families from Sommerach to found the Winzerkeller Sommerach in 1901.

Top wines - out of necessity

In the 120-year history of the winery, the same principle still applies in the Winzerkeller: unity is strength. And so, even today, a common vision determines the path of the winemakers. The desire for authenticity, sustainability and value is also deeply rooted. Today, a total of 90 families cultivate nearly 200 hectares of vines. The winemakers from Winzerkeller Sommerach are tradition-conscious and at the same time cosmopolitan people who think in new and innovative ways. They link the past with the future. 

Fast-moving trends are taken calmly here and left to the left. Craftsmanship may sound like a term from a bygone era to some, but at Winzerkeller Sommerach it is the guarantee for lasting success. The interaction of the great wealth of experience with the craftsmanship, the special ambition as well as the constant striving to belong to the best distinguishes the winemakers and makes the winery unique. 

Vineyard from Winzerkeller Sommerach

No mass, but class - Winzerkeller Sommerach

In Sommerach, we also know that quality grows in the vineyard. That is the law. But that's not all, of course, and so the quality work continues in the cellar, where the grapes undergo gentle processing and are gently vinified separately according to grape variety, vineyard location and degree of ripeness. In some cases, individual vineyards are even harvested in multiple selections and vinified separately. For the basis of great wines:

  •   only highly ripe and aromatic grapes are used.
  • Each plot is individually evaluated according to its optimal level of ripeness and only then harvested accordingly.
  • Not the mass but the quality is the first priority for each family of winemakers of the Winzerkeller.

Winery Winzerkeller Sommerach

The doors are open

If you are now curious, you are welcome to visit this winery! As a guest you are welcome here and there is, among other things, a wine shop, a wine school, the impressive architecture of the main building, as well as many beautiful corners to linger and enjoy marvel. 

More information aboutWinzerkeller Sommerach

Company Name:Winzerkeller Sommerach eG
Street:Zum Katzenkopf 1
City:97334 Sommerach/Main
Contact & Web
Telephone:+49 93 81 / 80 61 - 0
Fax:+49 3 81 / 45 51
Vineyard Area:193