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You love wine as much as we do and can't have enough bottles on the shelf? Then our exciting wine packages are just the thing for you. Whether discounted value packages, exciting theme packages or interesting winemaker packages - there is plenty of variety here at a value price.

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The VINELLO wine package offer

Trust your taste and order your favourite grape variety in the large wine package. From renowned wineries or rural wine-growing regions, all around a grape. For a recurring holiday feeling, take advantage of country-specific offers. Wine packages with regional red wine, white wine or rosé wine specialities from Spain, France, Italy and Germany bring international flair to your wine warehouse. And be it only the neighbouring state. Discover also our most popular wines, bundled in a bestseller offer. For every occasion, for every season, for every taste - with VINELLO you get the world of wines in a handy and inexpensive wine package.

Wine set in a package

Order your wine in a package on VINELLO and benefit from favourable wine package offers. Try selected wines from faraway countries, unknown grape varieties or exotic wineries. The fine selection will send your palate on a journey around the world. And once you have found your absolute favourite wine, buy it right away in the large wine package - so that the wide world of wine comes to your home and stays there for a while. On VINELLO, your wine package for special wines.

Wine tasting bundles

Are you spontaneous, adventurous and open to try something new? You want to expand your knowledge of wine, experience new pleasures and get tasty guides to the abundance of the international and regional wine world? Then our wine tasting packages are just right for you. With exquisite wine packages, put together by our experienced sommeliers, you will discover the world within your own four walls, on the balcony, in a comfortable armchair. Whether you go on the tour alone or take your family and friends with you is up to you. But rest assured that each wine tasting package will bring its unique and incomparable character to your home. And who knows, you might even discover a whole new side of yourself.

Your wine tasting at home - with wine tasting packages from VINELLO

Our in-house sommeliers are always on the lookout for new trends, hidden treasures and established classics and combine them in a tasting package for exquisite wine. Sometimes they are worthy representatives from the culturally rich and scenic Tuscany, who provide the right accompaniment for any time of day in a colourful variety. Or a worldwide compilation of fresh interpretations of the Riesling, which lead a crisp and tangy life even outside of Germany. And if France is too big for you to celebrate tasty red wines from all corners of the Grand Nation, the Red Wine Package from France is a cost-effective shortcut. Wine packages under the themes of a country, a region, a winery, a grape variety bring you closer to your favourite wine drop by drop. The selection is large and offers both connoisseurs and beginners an enjoyable starting point into previously unknown niches of wine. Our wine tasting packages, also with exclusive glasses, are also ideal as gifts for anyone interested in wine and new experiences. And always remember: pleasure is there to be shared.

Buy wine tasting packages online

Come along on a journey with VINELLO and our wine tasting packages. Because we don't reserve our wine discoveries for you, but pass on our treasures to you. Whether red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rosé, from the rural areas of Italy, the bodegas in sunny Spain or the windy river courses of Germany - just try it and discover undreamt-of personal preferences. At the same time you benefit from a favourable price, which we offer as an entry gift. Order your tasting package online and let us know how you enjoyed your excursion into the world of wine. You are also welcome to contact us to let us know your personal wishes for new wine tasting packages. Because we are all curious about new experiences, new ideas, new experiences. Order online cheap wine tasting packages and set off into the wide world of wine.

Things to know about Wine packages
Was ist ein Weinpaket?
Ein Weinpaket ist eine Zusammenstellung von verschiedenen Weinen. Die Pakete enthalten oft eine Auswahl von Weinen unterschiedlicher Sorten, Jahrgänge oder Regionen.
Welche Vorteile bietet ein Weinpaket?
Weinpakete bieten mehrere Vorteile. Erstens ermöglichen sie es Ihnen, eine breite Palette von Weinen zu probieren, ohne einzelne Flaschen kaufen zu müssen. Zweitens können Sie durch den Kauf eines Pakets häufig Geld sparen. Denn die Weine in einem Paket werden oft zu einem günstigeren Preis angeboten als einzeln. Zudem sind Weinpakete eine großartige Möglichkeit, neue Weine und Geschmacksrichtungen zu entdecken.
Wo kann ich Weinpakete kaufen?
Die Weinpakete werden in der Regel von einem Weinhändler, Weingut oder einem Online-Weinshop angeboten. Sie erhalten eine große Auswahl an Weinpaketen z.B. online bei VINELLO.
Sind Weinpakete eine gute Geschenkidee?
Ja, Weinpakete sind eine ausgezeichnete Geschenkidee für Weinliebhaber und Genießer. Sie bieten eine schöne Auswahl an Weinen, die den Empfänger auf eine geschmackliche Reise mitnehmen können. Weinpakete eignen sich für verschiedene Anlässe wie Geburtstage, Jubiläen, Weihnachten oder als Dankeschön.
Gibt es Altersbeschränkungen für den Kauf von Weinpaketen?
Ja, in den meisten Ländern gibt es Altersbeschränkungen für den Kauf von Wein und alkoholischen Getränken. In den meisten Fällen müssen Sie das gesetzliche Mindestalter erreicht haben, um Weinpakete kaufen zu können. Die Altersgrenzen variieren je nach Land und können zwischen 18 und 21 Jahren liegen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die geltenden Gesetze in Ihrer Region kennen, bevor Sie ein Weinpaket bestellen.