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Wines from South Africa


How old can you be to be considered new? South African viticulture does not care about being pigeonholed or being considered New World. 

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Delheim Pinotage Rosé 2022 - Delheim
Delheim Pinotage Rosé 2022 - Delheim
Rosé wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
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Marry's Fairtrade Glühwein Rot - Stellar Organics Marry's Fairtrade Glühwein Rot - Stellar Organics
wine-based Beverage Mulled wine sweet South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
1791 Cabernet Sauvignon - Nederburg 1791 Cabernet Sauvignon - Nederburg
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
1791 Pinotage - Nederburg
1791 Pinotage - Nederburg
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
Melck's Blended Red 2018 - Muratie Estate Melck's Blended Red 2018 - Muratie Estate
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
1791 Sauvignon Blanc - Nederburg 1791 Sauvignon Blanc - Nederburg
White wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
Shiraz Vineyard Selection - Kleine Zalze
Shiraz Vineyard Selection - Kleine Zalze
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Kaya Merlot trocken - Overhex Winery Kaya Merlot trocken - Overhex Winery
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA) Paarl (ZA)
Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch WO 2020 - Stellenrust Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch WO 2020 - Stellenrust
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Redhill Pinotage 2019 - Simonsig
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Chenin Blanc Vineyard Selection 2021 - Kleine Zalze Chenin Blanc Vineyard Selection 2021 - Kleine Zalze
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Pinotage trocken - Käfer Pinotage trocken - Käfer
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
Kaya Cabernet Sauvignon trocken - Overhex Winery Kaya Cabernet Sauvignon trocken - Overhex Winery
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA) Paarl (ZA)
1685 Chardonnay - Boschendal
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA)
1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg 1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg
Rosé wine semi-dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
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Shiraz Vineyard Selection 1,5l Magnum 2019 - Kleine Zalze Shiraz Vineyard Selection 1,5l Magnum 2019 - Kleine Zalze
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz 2020 - Simonsig Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz 2020 - Simonsig
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
1791 Merlot 2020 - Nederburg
1791 Merlot 2020 - Nederburg
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
- Pinotage 2018 - Simonsig
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Zonnebloem
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - Steenberg
Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - Steenberg
Sparkling Wine Cap Classique brut - bruto South Africa Western Cape (ZA) Westkap (ZA)
Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc 2020 - Waterkloof Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc 2020 - Waterkloof
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
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vegan vegan
Moonlight Shiraz-Merlot W.O. Western Cape 2022 - Stellar Organics Moonlight Shiraz-Merlot W.O. Western Cape 2022 - Stellar Organics
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
Kaya Shiraz trocken - Overhex Winery Kaya Shiraz trocken - Overhex Winery
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA) Paarl (ZA)
Kaya Chardonnay trocken - Overhex Winery Kaya Chardonnay trocken - Overhex Winery
White wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA) Paarl (ZA)
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For 350 years now, winegrowers have been pressing wine from the Cape of Good Hope to the rural interior, peppered with African beauty and European influences. They do not create a special style here, but wine with character. South African character; wild, natural and relaxed at the same time. Powerful reds, fresh whites, fruity sparkling wines and rosé - straight from the Western Cape. Once sailed halfway around the world to bring you closer to the great hope of the wine world. Welcome to South Africa!

South African white wine

Do you miss the wild aroma of South Africa? You will find it again in South African white wine! White wines from the southern tip of Africa have a high recognition value. They are tangy, fruity, refreshing as well as expressive, complex and full-bodied. Buy white wine from South Africa online at Vinello and experience a wine variety from Africa's south, which is unmistakable! 

White wine from South Africa and its tastes

The tastes of South African white wines have long been denied to Europeans. Already the first attempt in the 18th century to import South African wines to Europe failed miserably. The already established wine producers of the country had their share in this. Later, trade restrictions imposed by the apartheid system prevented Europeans from enjoying South African white wines and red wines .

Meanwhile, wine lovers benefit from the flavors of the top white wines from the southernmost part of Africa. Irresistible are the white wines from the South African wine-growing region of Franschhoek, which means "French corner". But also a Chardonnay from the Coastal Region, convinces with its balanced character and fresh citrus fruit taste.

You are welcome to order a dry white wine from South Africa online at our wine shop . Likewise South African, sweet white wines as well as sweet and semi-dry wines.

South African white wine and its grape varieties

South African white wines would not exist if it were not for the important grape varieties. Such as Chenin Blanc, the most widely grown white wine grape variety in South Africa. It was originally native to the Loire region of France. Meanwhile, in the cooler, South African wine regions that were once not considered for grape growing, the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety thrives.

This would be impossible had it not been for a Dutch merchant and ship's doctor. Jan van Riebeeck was very taken with the Mediterranean climate of South Africa in 1652. He recognized the wine potential of the area around the "Cape of Good Hope". In 1655, the "founder of Cape Town" had European grape varieties imported by sea, especially from France. Four years later (in February 1659) wine could be pressed in South Africa for the first time. Other important white wine varieties of South Africa are:

  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Colombard
  • Sémillon
  • Sultana

Vinello Tip: Would you like to order a particularly popular white wine from the best South African grape variety online? We recommend a dry from Graham Beck Wines from the 2013 vintage. The Game Reserve Chenin Blanc pampers the palate, is lively on the finish and leaves a wonderful taste of tropical fruit that also flatters the nose.

South African white wines and their quality levels

Wines from South Africa have been subject to a strict quality wine system since 1973, which is called the Wine of Origin system. The labels of the wine bottles have to be marked with the given data. The different coloured seals on the bottles also make sense.

  • A blue stripe on the seal indicates that the South African white wine is one hundred percent from a particular district.
  • If you buy a South African white wine that is also marked with a green stripe, you can assume that the grape variety indicated meets the minimum percentage.
  • A red stripe indicates that 85% of the white wine from South Africa comes from the vintage noted on the wine label.
  • Top quality South African white wine is easily recognisable by its gold label, which is strictly controlled by the Wine and Spirit Board.

South African white wine and its vintages

Which is the best vintage white wine from South Africa? South African white wine is still something of an "exotic" for casual wine drinkers from Germany. White wine experts, on the other hand, have long been convinced of these top wines and would love to get their hands on one of South Africa's most sought-after, oldest vintages.

If you want to buy one of the best vintage white wines online, we advise you to buy South Africa white wines from the 2011 and 2012 vintages. The 2013 vintage, for example, produced an excellent Tokara Directors Reserve, a dry white wine with an alcohol content of 14.33 percent.

White wine from South Africa: food and drink recommendations

Does risotto with mushrooms go well with South African white wine? As long as you have no appetite for grilled chicken, fish or seafood, you can certainly eat mushroom risotto with South Africa's dry white wine. Even pasta dishes harmonize with the tasty white wines from the "Cape of Good Hope".

Buy South African white wine at Vinello

When you buy South African white wines online at Vinello, we assure you as a certified retailer a smooth process from order to delivery. Furthermore, we offer 14 payment methods and are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email.With us you get the best wine with cork guarantee from the most famous wine countries worldwide, as well as delicious specialties for your celebrations.

South African rosé wine - the good Kaprosés

The unstoppable push for quality in South African wines is not lost on rosé. Full of juicy fruit and invigorating freshness, Cape rosé is the address worldwide for summer and winter refreshments. Whether Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah or the local star Pinotage - the incomparable character of the Cape of Good Hope resonates in every single rosé wine from South Africa. Lively and full of energy, our exquisite selection of the best South African rosé wines will also enrich your day with colourful variety.

The temperament of South Africa - Rosé for light-footed enjoyment

From the Cape in the south to the Elephant River Valley in the north, the vines enjoy sunny days and cooling sea breezes, refining South African rosé wine with a lush bouquet and verve. An irrepressible power in animating colours, from salmon rose to intense raspberry red, captivate both eye and palate and cut an attractive figure on any occasion. Enjoy rosé wines from South Africa in an informal and playful way, both in combination with light meals and solo. Pure drinking pleasure with South African rosés at VINELLO - a holiday for the senses, fun for the taste buds.

Our VINELLO recommendation

Obikwa Pinotage Rosé Western - OBiKWA Winery

A pure rosé from the autochthonous national variety Pinotage from the finest vineyards of Stellenbosch. The Obikwa Pinotage Rosé Western is pure lightness for adventurous gourmets of the uncomplicated life. Noble strawberry aromas dominate nose and palate alike, captivating the illustrious company. We have OBiKWA Winery to thank for this fruity and dry rosé wine, which recommends this South African treasure as an aperitif, with snacks and with grilled food. We tried the vibrant rosé wine - it's true.

Delheim Pinotage Rosé - Delheim

As soon as the bottle of Delheim Pinotage Rosé is opened, the wine exudes an intense aroma of an entire fruit basket. And already the first nipper confirms the juicy and fresh bouquet in endless elegance. The Delheim wine estate has been pressing this classic for more than 40 years and knows what is important - hand-picked and gently processed grapes as well as exact work in the wine cellar. The result is something to be savoured - with poultry, vegetables or simply on its own.

1791 Rosé - Nederburg

A delicate pink, intense strawberries and cherries, a hint of dried herbs - the 1791 Rosé from Nederburg Winery in the Western Cape is making history. Namely yours. Harmonious sweetness and acidity unfold in the semi-dry rosé wine and create a fruit-driven taste. The interplay of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinotage and Syrah - the largest grape varieties that South Africa has to offer - offers enjoyment for all kinds of occasions.

Buy South African rosé wine online

Dream of South Africa, of spirited nature and hearty culture - comfortably on the terrace and a South African Rosé in your hand. The fruity and refreshing creations feed the spirit and brighten the mood in pink splendour. Completely uncomplicated, you can order your South African wine online at VINELLO and await our securely packaged and carbon-neutral shipped packages. Buy rosé from South Africa cheap and bring colour into exquisite moments.

South African red wine

Napoleon Bonaparte loved not only women, tobacco and cognac. The French ruler could not resist the red wine from South Africa either. he was particularly fond of Constantia. In this case, it was not an enchanting woman, but a palatable South African red wine that Napoleon had delivered in large quantities to the island of St. Helena, where he lived in exile. Until his death, he was addicted to the sweet red wine from South Africa.

South African red wine and its tastes

A strong red wine from South Africa is a feast for the taste buds! What does South African red wine taste like? First of all it is decisive whether it is a

  • semi-dry South African red wine,
  • a South African, dry red wine,
  • a sweet or noble sweet South African red wine.

The red wine grape varieties play just as much a role in the taste as the region of origin, the maturing period and the wine storage. Also the versatile flavours distinguish excellent red wine from South Africa . With us you buy quality red wine from South Africa, in which red wine colour, aroma, smell and taste form an impeccable interplay.

Our red wine recommendation is a dry Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa with a fine berry flavour.  

Popular grape varieties of the South African red wine

Cabernet Sauvignon is a significant red grape variety of South Africa. The South African red wine varietal Pinotage is also very popular. On the rise are the red grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Franc
  • Pinot Noir
  • Shiraz
  • as well as other red wine grape varieties of South Africa.

Van Riebeeck laid the foundation of Cape wine history in 1652. Thanks to him and Vinello, wine lovers can buy South African red wine and enjoy a piece of South Africa.

Quality of red wine from South Africa

Exquisite South African red wine finally made its way to Europe after the end of the apartheid regime and caused delight among red wine lovers there. South Africa's quality wine system is very special. It is based on "appellations". These are protective seals that provide information about the quality level, growing region, grape variety and vintage. The WO system (Wine of Origin) was introduced in 1973, and red wine lovers can also recognise South Africa's quality red wines by the quality designation "Estate Wine". Top quality red wines of South Africa are also marked with a golden label.

South African red wine and its best vintages

If you would like to order a South African vintage red wine from Vinello wine shop , you will recognise it by the "Wine and Spirit Board" seal. An excellent vintage for South Africa's winemakers was 2015. Although the grapes were smaller and lighter, the amount was not particularly productive. The vintners at the "Cape" are still talking about one of the best vintages, which produced high-quality white and red wines of South Africa.

You can also buy a noble vintage wine of 2007 online in our category "South African red wine". The "Flagship Red" from Vergelegen is a dry still wine, spicy, mineral and beautifully fruity.

South African red wines: food and drinking recommendation

Is there an optimal drinking temperature for South African red wine? There is no general answer to this question, as it depends on the characteristics of the red wine.

  • The drinking temperature for young and light red wines from South Africa should be 14 to 16 degrees Celsius.   
  • Heavy, strong and very expensive red wines are best enjoyed at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.
  • Medium-bodied wines made from red berries develop their aroma at 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

What foods go well with an intense red wine from South Africa?

Deep red, rich South African wines, such as the full-bodied dry "Cabernet Sauvignon Western Cape 2014", go well with strong food flavours. Have a romantic dinner planned? Order online a soft, velvety Shiraz Merlot with a spicy, fruity bouquet. It goes well with spicy dishes as well as sweet desserts. Vinello wishes good enjoyment!

Buy red wine from South Africa online

You want to buy a full-bodied red wine from South Africa? With us you will find top class South African red wines!

So that wine lovers do not have to do without a noble drop, Vinello is always good for surprises. In our BIO-certified wine shop we always have new interesting red and white wines that taste delicious and give pleasure. Delivery is within two days, so you don't have to wait long for your wine specialties.

In case word hasn't gotten around yet: Vinello has them, the best South African red wines with cork guarantee!

South Africa and wine - between sea and nature

Sunny days, cool sea breezes resulting from the Benguela Current and converging oceans create a temperate climate that defies all odds and makes viticulture in South Africa possible. Dutch merchants and French Huguenots already recognised the potential, brought expertise to the hitherto barren vineyards and cultivated more and more noble grape varieties in the valleys of the mountain ranges that nestle along the coast of the Western Cape towards the sea. Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and the autochthonous grape variety Pinotage are only a small taste of the diversity and richness of South African viticulture. And since the sanctions due to the apartheid regime were lifted, wine from South Africa has experienced a real boom. Steadily increasing export figures and international triumphs, of the now award-winning wines, prove the success. And we give the wine from South Africa right and a platform to convince you too. Swing on the fresh winds from the Western Cape of Africa, one of the best wine growing regions in the world.

The Western Cape - the wine growing region of South Africa

Due to the generally hot climate of South Africa, ideal conditions for winegrowing can only be found with the help of the sea winds, as they occur along the coast of the Western Cape province. Thus, the vineyards and estates are located almost exclusively here, at the southern tip of Africa. Divided into 4 regions, namely Breede River Valley, Coastal Region, Olifants River and Klein Karoo, viticulture is also organised into districts, wards and finally into individual estates and single vineyards, the latter of which may have a maximum area of 6 hectares. This division is decisive for the quality system of the South African viticulture. Wines with a protected indication of origin can be recognised by the designation Wine of Origin, or W.O. for short.

Breede River Valley

The Breede River Valley region at the foothills of the Drakenberg is considered to be the best known and most productive wine district in South Africa. Regions like Robertson, Worcester and Breedekloof feed the popularity of the Breede River Valley all by themselves. Here, fresh and fruity white wines and full-bodied red wines are produced from the grape varieties Chardonnay, Merlot, Colombard, Sauvignon blanc and, of course, the local representative Pinotage. In addition to the delicious South African wine, the long vineyards and deep cellars of the estates also produce base wine for port and sweet wine.

Coastal Region

The Coastal Region around Cape Town is home to South Africa's most renowned wine-growing regions. Constantia, the cradle of South African viticulture, Stellenbosch, home of the Wine University, Pinotage and award-winning wines, and Swartland, the largest of all regions for quality viticulture in South Africa. African temperament tempered by continental sea breezes and European finesse forms the foundation for the diverse character that lives in every wine from South Africa. And because the Cape of Good Hope region is anything but quiet and dignified, the winemakers also press sparkling and effervescent wines that reflect the rhythm and sophistication of South Africa at its purest.

Olifants River

The elephants that once called the river valley far to the north of the Western Cape home and gave the region its name have long since moved on. Instead, predominantly red grape varieties found a sunny home here. Hardly any rainfall as well as sandstone and slate soils result in perfect conditions for Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinotage. And also white grape varieties like Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc grow and prosper splendidly next to citrus and orange trees and sometimes produce high-quality specimens.

Cape South Coast

The Cape South Coast wine-growing region, which is still quite young, was founded in 2011, but it has earned a firm place among the best regions in South Africa with its sun-drenched South African red wines made of Pinot Noir and Pinotage, as well as refreshing white wines made of Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc grapes. The climate at the southernmost tip of the Western Cape is subject to the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. The relentless winds result in thick skins of grapes and provide a multi-faceted concentration of flavours. The Cape South Coast region is emblematic of South African viticulture. Young, high quality and open for new things.

Our VINELLO recommendations for wine from South Africa

For a refreshing introduction to the world of South African wine, take a look at the Good Hope Sauvignon Blanc from De Wetshof Estate. A lush fruit aroma of tropical mango and pineapple, underpinned by wild herbs and a rich colour, will get the palate and senses buzzing. For a flying visit to the local flora and fauna, they can heartily reach for the Estate Pinotage from Fairview Wines. In a deep dark dress, the single-varietal South African red wine convinces with playful nuances of cranberries, plums and violets, which together with the spicy note form a full-bodied finish with noble mocha. And should there be something to celebrate and the effervescence and informality of Africa is needed, the Kaapse Vonkel Brut Sparkling Wine from Simonsig Wine Estate is recommended. Pressed according to the Méthode Champenoise, the Kaapse Vonkel is considered as a pioneer for South African sparkling wine according to traditional production. It shines in straw-yellow colour and exhilarates body and soul with floral and fruity aromas - always noble, always popular.

Buy South African wines online at a reasonable price

Wine and tourism go hand in hand in South Africa. But why book expensive flights now, when you can first have a wet dry run with fine wines from up-and-coming South Africa. Award-winning reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines and many strong and sweet specialities will satisfy your longing for distance and pleasure. Order  your South African wines online cheaply and easily and benefit from our climate-neutral, insured and fast delivery. Pay how you want, let us deliver wherever you want, enjoy when you want - the main thing is that the temperament of South Africa arrives safely in wine form. Buy not only wine from South Africa, but also the character of a diverse and picturesque country.