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Wine from Argentina


Wine is the highest good for many a country - in Argentina, from Salta in the north to Río Negro in the south, even in two respects. At up to 3000 meters above zero, the vineyards line the foothills of the majestic Andes. Unimagined potential has been unfolding in full splendor in Argentina since the past few years

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Kaiken Malbec 2020 - Kaiken
Kaiken Malbec 2020 - Kaiken
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
bio bio
Puro Malbec Cabernet Mendoza 2021 - Dieter Meier
Puro Malbec Cabernet Mendoza 2021 - Dieter Meier
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Luján de Cuyo (AR)
bio bio
Puro Corte Mendoza 2019 - Dieter Meier Puro Corte Mendoza 2019 - Dieter Meier
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Luján de Cuyo (AR)
Dadá No 2 2022 - Finca Las Moras
Dadá No 2 2022 - Finca Las Moras
Red wine semi-dry Argentina San Juan (AR)
vegan vegan
Felino Malbec 2021 - Viña Cobos
Felino Malbec 2021 - Viña Cobos
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Luján de Cuyo (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
M Malbec 2022 - Bodegas Callia M Malbec 2022 - Bodegas Callia
Red wine dry Argentina San Juan (AR)
Alaris Rosé 2019 - Bodegas Trapiche Alaris Rosé 2019 - Bodegas Trapiche
Rosé wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
vegan vegan
Oak Cask Malbec 2021 - Bodegas Trapiche
Oak Cask Malbec 2021 - Bodegas Trapiche
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
vegan vegan
Malbec 2022 - Bodegas Trapiche Malbec 2022 - Bodegas Trapiche
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
vegan vegan
Portillo Malbec 2021 - Portillo
Portillo Malbec 2021 - Portillo
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
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vegan vegan
Portillo Merlot 2021 - Portillo Portillo Merlot 2021 - Portillo
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
Beef & Liberty Malbec Rosé 2021 - Beefsteak Club Beef & Liberty Malbec Rosé 2021 - Beefsteak Club
Rosé wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Kuh Malbec 2021 - Tussock Jumper Kuh Malbec 2021 - Tussock Jumper
Red wine dry Argentina San Juan (AR)
- Malbec Llama Roble 2020 - Belasco de Baquedano
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Beef & Liberty Malbec - Beefsteak Club Beef & Liberty Malbec - Beefsteak Club
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Last bottles - Save 10 %!
bio bio
Puro Malbec Mendoza - Dieter Meier
Puro Malbec Mendoza - Dieter Meier
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Luján de Cuyo (AR)
CHT Chardonnay Torrontes 2021 - Bodegas Callia CHT Chardonnay Torrontes 2021 - Bodegas Callia
White wine dry Argentina San Juan (AR)
Barrel Selection Malbec 2021 - Bodegas Salentein
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
Selected Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 - Pascual Toso Selected Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 - Pascual Toso
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
S Syrah - Bodegas Callia S Syrah - Bodegas Callia
Red wine dry Argentina San Juan (AR)
bio bio
vegan vegan
Malbec Mendoza 2021 - Zuccardi Malbec Mendoza 2021 - Zuccardi
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Portillo Malbec Rosé 2021 - Portillo
Portillo Malbec Rosé 2021 - Portillo
Rosé wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
Ultra Malbec 2019 - Viña Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2019 - Viña Kaiken
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Catena Chardonnay 2020 - Catena Zapata Catena Chardonnay 2020 - Catena Zapata
White wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
Barrel Selection Merlot 2020 - Bodegas Salentein
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR) Valle de Uco (AR)
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Red wine and white wine from Argentina - at the Andes indigenous

Dry and spicy red wines, fresh and crisp white wines, playful sparkling wines and sweet dessert wines - Argentina offers fabulous wines for all gourmets. Yet the South American country is still at the beginning of its career in the wine business and gives gourmets hope for a fabulous future. Argentinean wines - the number one in South America, fifth in the world according to the amount produced and the top in red wine.

Wine from Argentina - it goes high

The history of viticulture in Argentina is the story of immigrants and conquerors. Starting with the Conquistadores in the 16th century, who established viticulture for religious and moral purposes. With European immigrants, expertise and noble grape varieties including phylloxera - which, however, does not like the local conditions at all - came to Argentina's warm climate and transformed mass wine into quality wine. This was good for the local gauchos, who drank the wonderful drops themselves and hardly left anything for export. So Argentine wine remained a great unknown to Europe and the rest of the world. Until today - we at VINELLO would like to change that. Because everyone should have tried full-bodied Malbec red wines and fruity Torrontés white wines from Argentina. Then you will quickly realize why the place for Argentine wines has to be at the top.

Argentina's taste and grape varieties

Argentina's grape varieties changed due to the quality offensives, especially in the 1980s, from the light red varieties Criolla grande and Cereza to noble grape varieties from Europe. About three quarters of the vineyards are cultivated with red varieties. The undisputed most widely cultivated grape is undoubtedly the Malbec, which received little attention in its old French homeland, Cahors, southeast of Bordeaux. Susceptible to diseases and frost, Malbec had to look for a new home, which it found in climatically ideal conditions in Argentina. Plenty of sun, little rain and moderate temperatures at night provide Malbec with an optimal environment to produce the best Malbec red wines in the world. With intense fruit, dark color profile and balanced acid structure, the wine from Argentina delights wine connoisseurs and epicureans alike and is thus rightly at the top of the country.

Another immigrant grape variety is Torrontés, which makes tangy and harmonious white wines from Argentina possible on the incomparable heights of the Salta region. Chardonnay, Muscat and Riesling also enjoy the homey terroir for white wines. The grape variety list for Argentine red wines is, of course, led by Malbec, followed by Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Corvina, all of which fully enjoy the more than 300 days of sunshine. Accordingly, the wines from Argentina express themselves with luscious fruit, harmonious acid structure and full, spicy taste.

The growing areas for wine from Argentina

Argentine wine is grown on more than 200,000 hectares, mainly in the northeast of the country. The vineyards are often located in the immediate vicinity of the Andes, from which spring-fresh Andean water and gravel make a considerable contribution to the character of Argentine wines. Accordingly, only a relatively small part of the vast country is suitable for the cultivation of wine. But the regions of Argentina where vineyards are tended and nurtured truly have it all.


The largest and most important area for growing quality Argentine wine is the region of Mendoza, which, with its 150,000 hectares, produces almost 70% of Argentina's wine. Dry and sunny summer months with little rainfall provide perfect conditions for viticulture on the stony soil. Only hail poses a danger to the grapes, which, however, find shelter under taut nets. Thus, from the city of Mendoza to the Atuel River, all available grape varieties grow between 500 and 800 meters above sea level. In the future, Mendoza will continue to play a leading role in Argentinean viticulture, although the rest of the growing regions know only one path - upwards.

La Rioja

Vineyards that reach up to 1200 meters, not even the namesake from Europe has to offer. In the mountain ranges of the Sierras Pampeanas, mainly white grape varieties like Torrontés and Muscat d'Alexandrie grow, as well as small areas with Syrah. The persistent dryness of the region is counteracted with sophisticated irrigation systems, so that noblest wines from the oldest cultivation region for Argentinean wine are possible.

San Juan

South of La Rioja are the vineyards of the San Juan region. With about 50,000 hectares, San Juan is the second largest wine-growing region in Argentina. In the immediate vicinity of the rivers, the traditional grape varieties Cereza and Criolla are still widely cultivated here for the production of country wine and grape must. However, the best sites are reserved for Torrontés and Muscat. The call for quality wine has not bypassed the winemakers of San Juan, so there are many attempts to cultivate noble grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The northernmost wine-growing region in Argentina is Salta, a region marked by mountain ranges. With vineyards at an altitude of 1500 meters and above, the wines from Salta reach unimagined heights. On sandy and deep soils, predominantly white varieties such as Torrontés and Chardonnay shine, producing crisp white wines from crisp altitudes up to 2700 meters - record-breaking. But meaty red vines are also farmed on the irrigated land. Salta is on its way up and is increasingly becoming a wine tourist's paradise.

Río Negro

The Rio Negro is the lifeline for Argentina's orchard. The alluvial soil is suitable for both red and white grape varieties. Therefore, all varieties that have rank and name can be found at the Rio Negro. Torrontés and Malbec dominate, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay follow, which are not only used for wines, but also form the basis for sparkling wines from Argentina.

Argentine wine - a product of immigration policy

Wine was unknown to the Incas and other indigenous peoples until the 16th century, when the conquistadors placed the newly discovered land under the rule of the Spanish crown. The missionary work that took place at the same time demanded mass wine, the availability of which could not be guaranteed due to long sea voyages and organisational problems. The simple solution of making wine locally established the first vineyards. The wine satisfied the demands of the time, but has nothing in common with the quality wines of today.

From the 19th century onwards, the rethinking began. European immigrants from France, Italy and Germany brought fine noses, noble grape varieties and expertise to the vineyards of the Andes - away from mass wine to quality wine was the motto. In the past decades, Argentine wine gained more and more importance due to foreign investors and made viticulture an economic pillar of Argentina. And thanks to the current moderate drinking habits of the gauchos, from 90 to 40 liters per throat, exports increased dramatically. Good for the rest of the world, which is learning to love more and more the benefits of Argentine wine. The demand is increasing, the supply is there. The vineyard is getting bigger year after year - the wine is great anyway.

Argentine red wine

Why does it absolutely have to be Argentine red wine? Because red wine from Argentina has excellent enjoyment potential! Not only in the province Mendoza is successfully pressed excellent red wine . The republic located in the south of South America is known for quality red wines far beyond its borders. Malbec is one of the most famous red grape varieties. And who is the biggest producer of this old French grape variety? Argentina, of course, the republic at the foot of the Andes.

There, where the wine journey begins, it comes from: Argentine red wine of the extra class! Dry, Argentine red wine in best quality and sweet red wine from Argentina, wine friends can order online at VINELLO.

Argentine red wine and its tastes

Buy Argentine red wine, enjoy and then? Is it red wine love that lasts forever! The tastes of Argentine red wines are as varied as the sights of the Republic in South America. Impressive, interesting, exciting and always full of new experiences. What does Argentine red wine taste like? The answer: "Argentine red wine simply tastes delicious, that's why you absolutely have to buy it online!" would be a bit unimaginative. After all, it comes down to several components that make a red wine from Argentina a delicious highlight.

For example, the:

  • best Argentine red grape varieties
  • the respective wine-growing regions of Argentina
  • Climatic conditions in the southern wine regions of South America
  • Altitudes
  • Soil conditions
  • high-yield vintages
  • The ripening period and the ageing.

However, we can promise you one thing: If you buy red wine from Argentina in our wine shop online , you are guaranteed to receive South American quality wine with cork guarantee. Sweet, sweet, dry or semi-dry? At Vinello, Argentine red wine is delivered free to your door according to your taste!

Grape varieties of Argentine red wines

Do you know the fifth largest wine producing country in the world? Believe it or not, it is indeed Argentina! The wine regions in and around Mendoza grow a popular red grape variety that originally came from France. Malbec is a very delicate and demanding red grape variety, but it thrives beautifully in Argentina. Furthermore, other red grape varieties are grown in the Argentine wine regions, which are of great importance for a successful red wine production. These would be for example:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Primitivo
  • Syrah and many more.

Black, Argentinian red wine with soul and a lot of taste

Malbec is not only the name of Argentina's most famous grape variety, but also a special Argentine red wine, which is called "black wine" in England. A red wine with "soul", of enormous density, which is spicy in the finish, earthy, lush, woody, mineral, expressive and sensational.

Our red wine recommendation from Argentina is: Kaiken Malbec - an award-winning, dry red wine from the grape varieties Malbec and a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, hand-picked and aged in wooden barrels.     

Quality levels of Argentine red wines

Red wine from Argentina is quality wine where nothing is left to chance. The mass production of cheap Argentine red wines has been a thing of the past since 1959. In that year the Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura was founded, which was entrusted with the definition of guidelines regarding the cultivation of quality wines in Argentina. In addition, the INV was given the task of strictly controlling compliance with the regulations. At that time, there were three quality levels for Argentine wine.

  • Viños de Corte
  • Viños Communes
  • Viños Finos

Decades later, new quality designations were introduced in favour of high-quality wines from Argentina, including the DOC designation of origin. If you want to buy an excellent red wine from Argentina online at VINELLO, you can be sure that you will indeed receive top-class Argentinean red wine. Quality wine is a matter of honour for us! 

Best Argentinian vintage red wines

An irresistible Argentinian red wine is a vintage red wine 2013. Red wine from this vintage is considered one of the best Argentinian red wines for more than 40 years. The following vintage (2014) was again not particularly successful, as periods of frost and persistent rainfall drastically reduced the wine harvest. You don't have to do without exquisite vintage red wines from Argentina. In our wine shop you can buy delicate Argentine red wines from the best vintages. 

Traditional barbecue meal: Asado and Argentine red wine

In the south of South America, asado is the name given to a hearty "barbecue meal", for which Argentine red wine is a must. Parrillada, another name for grilled delicacies from Argentina's regional cuisine, is a feast for meat gourmets. The reason alone is that mainly large pieces of meat as well as animal offal end up on the charcoal grill.

The traditional "Asado con Cuero", which means "grilled meat with skin", is preferably accompanied by an aromatic Argentine red wine. In Argentina, the men take care of the grilled meat, while the women are busy preparing delicious salads for the asado feast. In Germany, Vinello takes care of the matching red wine from Argentina for you. For the Argentine barbecue in your own home, a dry Malbec fits perfectly, which you can buy online in our wine shop !

Buy red wine from Argentina online at Vinello

Our wine shop offers fine red wines from Argentina and other red wine countries of the world. If you know which extraordinary wine is suitable for your special party, please contact our friendly service. Trained sommeliers are waiting for you on the phone, who know exactly which red wine is the best possible complement for your festive meal. Vinello provides unforgettable red wine hours with cork guarantee and delivers the matching wine glasses free of charge on request!

Argentine white wine

Why do people like to order Argentinean white wine online? Because a lot has happened in the wine regions of Argentina within the last decades! The fifth largest wine nation offers a complex and high-quality range of white wines. The taste and quality of Argentine white wines leave nothing to be desired. Dry, semi-dry, spicy, sweet and drinkable, sweet and aromatic: At Vinello you can buy Argentine white wine online in every taste.

Quality wines from Argentina with taste

The republic in the south of South America was long considered a "scarce country". Yet Argentina has always had much to offer, such as Argentine white wine - sweet to dry. The tasty white wine from the best white wine grapes of Argentina has nothing to do with the cheap mass wines that were still produced more than 25 years ago. Argentina has been focusing on quality white wines with taste since the early 90s. If you would like to buy wine from Argentina online, we offer elegant white wines in different flavors:

  • sweet white wine from Argentina's main wine-growing regions
  • sweet white wine from the best Argentine grape varieties
  • semi-dry white wines with refreshing aromas
  • dry white wine with DOC predicate

Argentine white wine grape varieties

The most famous white wine grape variety in the fifth largest wine country is Torrontés Riojano. Attention: This white grape variety from Argentina is not to be confused with the Torrontés from Spain, although the epithet Riojano reminds of the Spanish province La Rioja. However, La Rioja is in the broadest sense the patron saint of the Argentinean province La Rioja, to which the most important white wine variety of Argentina finally owes its name. Authorized and important white wine varieties include:

  • Arneis
  • Chardonnay
  • Elbling
  • Moscato Bianco
  • Moscatel de Alejandria
  • Riesling / Riesling renano
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Rieslina
  • Silvaner
  • Traminer

Would you like to buy a top class Argentinian white wine online? Vinello recommends you a wonderful dessert wine from Bodegas Salentein. The Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc Single Vineyard 2012 convinces with a flattering aroma and a sophisticated taste balance between heavenly sweet and tart fresh. This sweet wine from Argentina is an optimal companion for summer garden parties.

DOC white wines from Argentina

You like to drink Argentinean white wine of the best quality level? For Argentine red wines and white wines legal regulations apply. Conscientious quality controls are carried out, where nothing is left to chance. During the traditional production of the Argentine quality wines the specially responsible control commission keeps a watchful eye on it.

Would you like to order a DOC wine from Argentina in our wine shop online, we ran Argentine white wine of the top quality. Because DOC wines from the classified wine regions of Argentina correspond to the necessary control criteria and all characterizing conditions.

The best vintages

You want to buy one of the best vintage wines of Argentina online? Then try an Argentine white wine from 2013, a vintage characterized by a cool but dry summer that produced elegant whites and spicy reds . A very good vintage was likewise 2011, which provided a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc in the Argentine wine growing region Salta. A popular dry white wine whose pale yellow color can undoubtedly compete with the sun. In our wine shop, you can order top Argentine vintage wines online, from Argentina's most famous wineries.

Food and drink recommendations

Argentine white wine unfolds its aroma diversity in the perfect white wine glass. Pay attention to a pleasant drinking temperature during the warm season. In contrast to red wine, white wine should be served and drunk as cool as possible. Depending on the type of white wine from Argentina, a drinking temperature between 8 °C and 14 °C is recommended. If you buy from Vinello, you will receive detailed information on each Argentine white wine variety, including food and drinking recommendations.

Buy Argentine white wine online at Vinello

Vinello is a wine trade, with head office in Dresden, which is specialized in high-quality wine with cork guarantee. In our wine shop  we focus on quality and pleasure. We spoil our customers with the best that the global wine market has to offer.

In addition to top white wine from Argentina, you can order wines from all over the world online from us, culinary specialties from faraway countries, delicious liqueurs and everything that the connoisseur's heart desires. What further distinguishes us:

  • absolute data security
  • immediate dispatch
  • Customer friendliness from A to Z
  • manifold payment modalities
  • competent advice from qualified personnel
  • and much more ..

Our VINELLO recommendation for Argentinian wines

Puro Malbec Cabernet Mendoza - Dieter Meier

Pure in the name, pure pleasure in the bottle. The Puro Malbec Cabernet from Mendoza combines noble cherries and ripe plums in its dark red and complex body. The fully ripe grapes enjoy the cool nights with pleasure, so that the fruity and round structure can develop excellently. Through organic cultivation of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, controlled vinification and perfect harmony, the Puro from Dieter Meier presents itself as an elegant food companion for meaty dishes and barbecues.

Kaiken Malbec - Kaiken

The new face of Argentine viticulture can be experienced excellently with the Kaiken Malbec. The great experience of the winemakers around Montes founder Aurelio Montes makes the lightness of the terroir tangible in many ways and brings character and complexity into the bottle. The intense fruit aromas of currant, strawberry and prune are enriched by noble spices and nuances of cocoa, pepper and vanilla. The full flavour of Mendoza is thus contained in the soft body, which, with its long finish and fleshy tannins, enhances every feast.

Argentine wines buy cheap online

Argentina and wine - that fits and will be inseparable in the future. Because large investments and growing expertise make the South American country the new paradise for strong red wines, fresh white wines and fruity rosé wines. Order your Argentinean wines cheaply and easily at VINELLO and benefit from our climate-neutral and insured delivery. So the Argentine temperament in liquid form from the foot of the Andes also arrives safely with you. Taste the future of the wine world with the best wines from Argentina. Buy cheaply and pour with value - the highest good from Argentina on VINELLO.

Things to know about Argentinian Wine
Welche Rebsorten werden in Argentinien angebaut?
In den Anbaugebieten Argentiniens liegt der Fokus auf roten Rebsorten, insbesondere Malbec und Cabernet Sauvignon. Weitere rote Rebsorten sind Bonarda, Corvina, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Primitivo und Syrah. Doch auch die weißen Varietäten zeigen sich von ihrer besten Seite, probieren Sie doch mal eine Torrontés, Chardonnay, Muskateller und Riesling aus Argentinien.
Wo wird in Argentinien Wein angebaut?
Insgesamt über 200.000 Hektar, besonders im Nordosten des Landes, stehen unter Reben. Die bekanntesten argentinischen Weinbaugebiete sind Mendoza, Salta, San Juan, Río Negro und La Rioja.
Wie kam der Wein nach Argentinien?
Der Weinbau wurde von Spanier im 16. Jahrhundert eingeführt, als Conquistadore und Missionare das Land durchstreiften. Durch französische, deutsche, italienische Einwanderer im 19. Jahrhundert wurde das Profil geschliffen.
Wie hoch wird argentinischer Wein angebaut?
Wein wird in Argentinien auf bis zu 2.500 Meter angebaut. Zum Vergleich: das höchste europäische Anbaugebiet liegt mit 1.500 Metern im schweizerischen Wallis.
Wo kann man Wein aus Argentinien online kaufen?
Zum Beispiel bei VINELLO. Wir verschicken Wein direkt an die Haustüre und das in vielen Ländern.
Welche Speisen passen zu Wein aus Argentinien?
Parrillada, gegrilltes Fleisch, und argentinischer Rotwein sind unzertrennlich in den lokalen Küchen. Ebenfalls passend sind Schmorgerichte und Ofengerichte mit Pilzen und Kartoffeln. Der Weißwein passt ebenso vorzüglich zu hellem Fleisch und Gemüsepfannen.
Welcher argentinischer Wein ist gut?
Großartige Weine aus Argentinien gibt es viele, wie die zahlreichen Auszeichnungen beweisen. Gerne können Sie sich auch auf unsere Expertise und die Bewertungen unserer Kunden verlassen, um die besten Weine zu finden.
Gibt es auch argentinischen Weißwein?
Ja, der Weißwein aus Argentinien ist sogar groß im Kommen, wie beispielsweise die Torrontés Vinos zeigen. Entdecken Sie auch herrliche Rosé-Weine und Schaumweine von den Vorläufern der Anden.
Welche Trinktemperatur muss Wein aus Argentinien haben?
Argentinische Rotweine brillieren bei etwa 16 °C, Weißweine hingegen zwischen 8 und 10 °C.
Welches ist der beste Wein aus Argentinien?
Der beste Wein Argentiniens? Womöglich der, der Ihnen schmeckt. Hören Sie nicht weiter auf das ganze Palaver und finden Sie Ihren persönlichen besten Wein aus Argentinien. Gerne helfen Ihnen unsere Weinkenner weiter via Telefon oder E-Mail.