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Wine in red, in white, sometimes orange, liquid, dry, sweet, pearly, perfect - tasty variety of noble grapes from all directions. There's something for everyone here.

Browse through our not exactly small range of high-quality wines, which we want to offer to enthusiastic wine lovers. From all corners of the world, created by expert winemakers and now easy and comfortable to order online for you. The diverse world of wine is waiting to be experienced by you. From Amarone to Zinfandel - taste the temperament of the world.

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Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco 2020 - Quinta das Arcas
Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco 2020 - Quinta das Arcas
White wine dry Portugal Vinho Verde (PT) Vinho Verde DOC (POR)
4.98€ *
0.75 l (6.64€ * / 1 l)
Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
Blanc de Noirs eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
White wine Blanc de Noir dry Germany Palatinate
7.49€ * 6.95€ *
0.75 l (9.27€ * / 1 l)
Grauburgunder Gutswein trocken - Ellermann-Spiegel
Grauburgunder trocken 2021 - Ellermann-Spiegel
White wine dry Germany Palatinate
6.89€ *
0.75 l (9.19€ * / 1 l)
Fabelhaft Tinto Wein
Fabelhaft Tinto Douro DOC Rotwein 2020 - Niepoort
Red wine dry Portugal Douro & Porto (PT) Douro DOC (POR)
10.48€ *
0.75 l (13.97€ * / 1 l)
Knock knock Red Blend - Bodega Torre Oria
Knock knock Red Blend - Bodega Torre Oria
Red wine semi-dry Spain Valencia (ES) Utiel-Requena DO (ES)
3.97€ *
0.75 l (5.29€ * / 1 l)
Grauer Burgunder eins zu eins Kabinett trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
Grauer Burgunder eins zu eins Kabinett trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
White wine dry Germany Palatinate
7.49€ * 6.89€ *
0.75 l (9.19€ * / 1 l)
Doppio Passo Rosato Puglia IGT 2021 - CVCB
Doppio Passo Rosato Puglia IGT 2021 - CVCB
Rosé wine Doppio Passo semi-dry Italy Apulia (IT)
6.99€ *
0.75 l (9.32€ * / 1 l)
Merlot Rosato Terre di Chieti IGT 2021 - Tenuta Ulisse
Merlot Rosato Terre di Chieti IGT 2021 - Tenuta Ulisse
Rosé wine dry Italy Abruzzo (IT) Terre di Chieti IGT (IT)
9.19€ *
0.75 l (12.25€ * / 1 l)
Valdelagunde Cuvée Especial Verdejo 2021 - Pedro Escudero
Valdelagunde Cuvée Especial Verdejo 2021 - Pedro Escudero
White wine dry Spain Castile and León (ES) Castilla y León VT (ES)
7.59€ * 7.49€ *
0.75 l (9.99€ * / 1 l)
Motivo Rosé extra dry - Borgo Molino
Sparkling Wine Spumante extra dry Italy Venetien (IT)
10.86€ *
0.75 l (14.48€ * / 1 l)
Kaiken Malbec 2019 - Kaiken
Kaiken Malbec 2019 - Kaiken
Red wine dry Argentina Mendoza (AR)
7.25€ * 6.99€ *
0.75 l (9.32€ * / 1 l)
Glicine Bianco Terre Siciliane 2021 - Duca di Salaparuta
Glicine Bianco Terre Siciliane 2021 - Duca di Salaparuta
White wine dry Italy Sizilien (IT) Terre Siciliane IGT (IT)
6.59€ *
0.75 l (8.79€ * / 1 l)
Fragolino Rosso - Terre del Sole
Fragolino Rosso - Terre del Sole
wine-based Beverage Fragolino mild - doux - sweet - dolce Italy Venetien (IT)
4.64€ *
0.75 l (6.19€ * / 1 l)
Sauvignon Blanc eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
Sauvignon Blanc eins zu eins trocken 2021 - A. Diehl
White wine dry Germany Palatinate
7.49€ *
0.75 l (9.99€ * / 1 l)
MP Grauburgunder trocken 2021 - Markus Pfaffmann
MP Grauburgunder trocken 2021 - Markus Pfaffmann
White wine dry Germany Palatinate
6.20€ *
0.75 l (8.27€ * / 1 l)
Rosé Cotes de Gascogne - Domaine Horgelus
Horgelus Rosé Côtes de Gascogne IGP 2021 - Domaine Horgelus
Rosé wine dry France Gascogne (FR) Côtes de Gascogne (FR)
5.99€ * 5.89€ *
0.75 l (7.85€ * / 1 l)
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Liquid revelry

If you open a wine bottle with a nice sounding plop, you open up the wide world. One finds oneself in the sun-drenched hills of the Rioja along the Ebro or on the barren cliffs of the Italian coast, surrounded by Mediterranean winds. Sometimes you are taken on a steamboat trip on the Moselle, surrounded by steep slopes and majestic buildings. Sometimes at the end of the world between the sheep of New Zealand and the foothills of the Andes. Wherever you may be, it is the people who appreciate wine in their own way and make it part of our existence.

There is the connoisseur who courageously brings his favourites to the people. The amateur in search of something new. Connoisseur with a record player on the stool and a glass in his hand. Graf Koks in a big Porsche and with thin expertise. Long distance travellers who are far from their destination. drunkards who can't tell white wine from red wine. Old-established people who have preferred the same grape again and again for decades. Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies to duly water the festivities. Night owls and early shoppers who know no time of day for pleasure. Philosophers who drink, pirates who plunder. Purists that cost. Revoluzzer without scruples. Deities with human desires. Barons, farmers, barbarians without divergence in taste but with much desire for wine.

Responsible people for whom sustainability is the highest good. Animal friends, who want to celebrate vegan. Exuberantly gesticulating storytellers. Stiff traditionalists and intrepid explorers. They're new friends, family, partners, soul mates. Be whoever you want, because it all comes down to the same thing in the end. Wine simply tastes good, expresses itself in many ways, is open to everyone. For you, for me, for us, for everyone.

You can be an expert, but you don't have to be. Because we can all taste it. And we usually know what we like after the first two or three sips. Sometimes you still grow into it. Sometimes the 10,000 taste buds change their minds. Sometimes you know what you want - sometimes you don't. No problem at all. Even the fine winegrowers have different opinions about how a wine should taste. And fortunately there are luminaries at the top of the wine elite's spear who loudly proclaim what wine is allowed, should and can do.

Be who you want - drink what you want

At VINELLO we have the right bottle of wine for every taste. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive drop of wine or you're looking for upmarket cult wines - you can help yourself from A to Z in our wide range, try something new, order the usual over and over again. Discover delicious red wines, white wines and rosé wines from all over the world. Our sparkling wines provide the right atmosphere for prickly hours and holidays. We have put together an exquisite selection of dessert wines for the very sweet. Of course, no wine collection is complete without semi-sparkling wine and mulled wine. From Germany, Spain, Argentina, Australia or Georgia, South, North, Everywhere. Dust-dry, fruity, fresh, spicy, full-bodied, minimalistic, highly narcotic, completely unforgettable. A little bit of everything, enough of everything - wine, two or hundreds of bottles. Whatever you want to enjoy, we have it ready for you. Browse through our almost endless wine cellar on the Internet and find your favourites. As a single bottle, in a box of 6 or in a large wine package for long-lasting enjoyment - alone, in pairs, with the whole pack. Wine is there for everyone - so is VINELLO.

Wine country tour

Wine knows no boundaries, but indications of origin help to determine the origin and thus the style of a wine. This starts at international level with designations such as Spain, France, New Zealand and Peru. This cryptic information provides information about the country from which the wine originates. The most precise designations follow, which can be precisely defined down to a few hundred square metres of parcels. All over the world, between 50° and 30° north and 30° and 40° south, noble grape varieties thrive on steep slopes, on nutritious soils, pampered by the sun and tormented by winds. Every single drop is an expression of the character of the country, the people, the climate. There is something to discover everywhere. Stories written by wine, unique people who have made their mark in the name of wine, disasters, discoveries, local specialities and national treasures. Once you have set off to experience the wine-growing countries of the world to the fullest, you have found a life's work.

The earth is big, there are winegrowers in every corner. Tastes are diverse and people multifaceted. Pack yourself something to eat - we're going on a world tour. From the southern tip of Africa to the mountain ranges of South America, from the Ahr to the Kura, from the Far East to the neighbourhood. The wonders of the world in liquid form are only a few clicks away. Cheers, Salute, Sáinte, Gesondheit, Gagimardschos, à votre santé, Sanon and Stößchen.

International Wine Specialities

Wine is diverse - we know that. The true greatness of the wine world does not end with red wine, white wine, rosé wines and sparkling wines. Because international wine specialities are just waiting to enrich your wealth of experience sip by sip. Discover real rarities from all over the world with VINELLO. Sweet wines, dessert wines and fortified wines of the highest quality:

  • Ice wine
  • Port
  • Vin Santo
  • Cava
  • Beerenauslese
  • Banyuls
  • Frizzante
  • Spumante
  • Sherry
  • Recioto
  • and much more!

Our variety, our filters, your wine

Simply use the practical filter search to quickly and easily display only the wines you are interested in. Filter by country of origin, grape varieties, price, wood structure, vineyard or taste. Step by step you get closer and closer to your favourites. If even our almost one hundred filters cannot help you, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will be happy to advise you and find exactly the right wine for your requirements.

Buy wine online

Immerse yourself in the great wine world of VINELLO and order your top wines conveniently and safely online. Countless payment options, insured and climate-neutral shipping as well as competent sommelier advice make shopping for your wines a carefree and relaxed experience. Take advantage of our offer and take care only of opening the exquisite wine bottles. Pulling corks, filling glass, feeling pleasure. That's how wine is drunk in style nowadays. Order online - serve at home.