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Ònix Evolució Priorat DO 2018 - Vinicola del Priorat Ònix Evolució Priorat DO 2018 - Vinicola del Priorat
Red wine dry Spain Catalonia (ES) Priorat DOQ (ES)
Ònix Clàssic Priorat DO 2021 - Vinicola del Priorat Ònix Clàssic Priorat DO 2021 - Vinicola del Priorat
Red wine dry Spain Catalonia (ES) Priorat DOQ (ES)

In the small Spanish town of Gratallops has the Vinicola del Priorat their home. It is an association of several winegrowers and farmers who are based here in the heart of Catalonia.

Vinicola del Priorat - an exceptional community 

 Encouraged by the success of the neighboring top winemakers, they decided to produce excellent bottled wines themselves instead of always selling the wines in bulk to other producers. In this unique cooperative all important areas are under one roof and so one is responsible here for production, processing and marketing. Due to this concentration and the resulting high quality, the Vinicola del Priorat has risen to the status of a first-class cooperative since 2007.

Priorat winery

Now it's getting strong

Already in the Middle Ages, the wines from this Priorat were the most popular and sought-after in all of Spain. In the shelter of the Montsant mountains, mainly the traditional grape varieties are cultivated and the best cuvées are aged in barriques by the oenologist Elisabeth d'Anguera i Bachs. The wines produced here impress with their deep dark color and a high concentration of flavors. Among other things, they can sometimes boast alcohol levels between 14 and 15% and can be stored for up to 25 years! Priorat wines are also characterized by

  • an extremely low yield per hectare and
  • Notes of ripe fruit.
  • The slate terroir also characterizes the unique taste

Priorat vineyard

Concentrated knowledge from a long tradition

Vinícola del Priorat's partner producers, there are 140 in total, combine a total vineyard area of no less than 210 hectares. These producers are often heirs of the old farmers from the surrounding villages. They have mastered the art of keeping alive the millennium-old tradition of viticulture, and also of resisting adverse conditions such as infestation by grape aphids. The producers work in rather small vineyards, some located at an altitude of 600 meters, with a very low production per vine: only about one kilo of grapes.

More information aboutVinicola del Priorat

Company Name:Vinicola del Priorat
Street:Gudi 66
City:43201 Reus
Contact & Web
Telephone:(00 34) 9 16 22 13 55
Fax:(00 34) 9 16 22 00 29
Year of Incorporation:1991
Company Group:Grupo Reserva
Oenologist:Elisabeth d’Anguera i Bachs
Vineyard Area:210 Hektar