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Veuve Duroy

Veuve Duroy

Here you will find our range of champagnes of the brand Veuve Duroy.

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Cuvée Prestige Brut - Veuve Duroy Cuvée Prestige Brut - Veuve Duroy
Sparkling Wine Champagne brut - bruto France Champagne (FR)
Rosé - Veuve Duroy Rosé - Veuve Duroy
Sparkling Wine Champagne brut - bruto France Champagne (FR)

Veuve Duroy - Champagne from Charly-sur-Marne

Veuve Duroy is a champagne brand that belongs to the great house of Champagne Baron-Fuenté from Charly-sur-Marne. The Baron family has been active in Champagne since the 17th century, producing the region's famous sparkling wine. The Baron-Fuenté Champagne House was born after the marriage of Gabriel Baron and Dolores Fuenté, who received a hectare of vineyard as a wedding gift. 6 years later they founded Champagne Baron-Fuenté and produced their first vintages.

Ignace and Sophie Baron

Today, the house is run by the next generation in the form of Sophie and Ignace, who have managed the winery since 1983 and 1992, respectively. While Sophie is responsible for the vineyards, Ignace is in charge of the winery. Under their aegis, the cellar was expanded once in 2000 and again in 2007. In 2011, Champagne Lété-Vautrain was spun off, and a new pressing plant was built in 2013.

The terroir of Veuve Duroy

Champagne Baron-Fuenté and thus Veuve Duroy can fall back on 40 hectares of vineyards, which are mainly located in the western part of Champagne. The wine-growing region is famous worldwide and specializes in three grape varieties:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Meunier

Reading at Veuve Duroy

The grape varieties are grown on different types of soil, which can be found in the region. Thus, there are well water-regulated chalk soils, on which Chardonnay thrives well. Harder and heavier soils suit Pinot Noir, while Pinot Meunier finds its ideal conditions in clay soils, which are mainly located in the Marne Valley. 

Of course, Veuve Duroy also works with these grape varieties to produce a classic Champagne as we know it. Each plot has its own terroir, so that the special needs of the vines in each of them must also be addressed differently. The harvest takes place exclusively by hand to bring only the best grape material to the winery. 

From the grape to the bottle

In the winery, which was completely modernized in 2013 and has an air conditioning system, the grapes are further processed. At low 12 - 15 ° C, the wines are fermented, aged and assembled. The low temperatures thereby create a special mouthfeel and a great effervescence, which would not be achievable without this method. The champagnes are stored at Baron-Fuenté between 2 and 8 years, longer than usual on average.

In the cellar of Veuve Duroy

More information aboutVeuve Duroy

Company Name:Champagne Baron-Fuenté
Street:21 avenue Fernand Drouet
City:02310 Charly-sur-Marne
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 3 23 82 01 97
Year of Incorporation:1967
Company Owner:Sophie and Ignace Baron
Vineyard Area:40 ha