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TOBERMORY D ISTILLERY is one of the oldest whiskey distilleries in Scotland.

The distillery

Founded in the safe haven..

Jon Sinclair named his distillery, which he founded in 1798, Ledaig.  "Ledaig" comes from the Gaelic and means something like "safe harbour". Because that was exactly the location he chose for his distillery- a small, quiet bay where a fishing harbor had developed. Today, Tobermory is located in the town of the same name on the island of Mull, which belongs to the Inner Hebrides.

Mull Island

Up and down - the history

The history is a constant up and down and shows again that nothing is more constant than the change. Time and again there have been closures, reopenings and changes of operator. The last very long production break was from 1930 to 1972. After the reopening as Ledaig Distillery (Tobermory) Ltd the operators had big plans and even extended the production to 4 stills. But already three years later the dream burst and the company went bankrupt. Until the South African Distell Group Ltd. took over in 2013, the owners changed three more times. In the process, Tobermory's market value rose to 160 million pounds. Due to extensive refurbishment work, work was halted again in 2017. A new 12-year-old single malt from Tobermory was unveiled and launched for the grand reopening in 2019. Today, the distillery also has a visitor centre and can be toured. It is also on the Scottish heritage lists.

The Whiskeys

Tobermory produces two different lines of whiskey - the Tobermory Whiskey with just a hint of smokiness and the peaty Leidaig. Tobermory has its own water source "Gearr Abhainn". In the past, the energy was also obtained by the Tobermory River itself. The water of this river is interspersed with peaty phenols, which give the whiskey its slightly smoky character. In the old, cast-iron mash tun, one mash run takes about 9.5 hours. Fermentation then takes place in Douglas fir barrels for a period of 50-90 hours. Maturation then takes place in a variety of wooden barrels to give the whiskey its own flavor.


In addition to the standard whiskeys, Tobermory also brings special editions to the market time and again.

  • Ledaig 1997
  • Warehouse I 2012 Ledaig Bourbon Barrel
  • Or Warehouse I 2012 Tobermory Bourbon Barrel 

are only one example for the outstanding distilling art of Tobermory.

Rest time

More information aboutTobermory

Company Name:Tobermory Distillery
Street:Main Street
City:PA75 6NR Tobermory
Country:United Kingdom Great Britain
Contact & Web
Telephone:+44 168 830 2647
Company Group: Distell International Limited