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Syrah - a lady of the world by the middle name of Shiraz

A powerful red wine conquers the world - its name is la Syrah. She is at home in the world, her homeland France is always in her heart. Syrah, or Shiraz as she is also called, has developed into a top-class red wine on the old continent as well as in the new world. Whether from France or Australia, one thing is certain: Syrah is Shiraz; but Syrah is not all Shiraz. When you discover the red wine, you go on a journey around the world. And the journey begins here, in the VINELLO Wine Online Shop. Order your Shiraz wine and experience how a grape develops in the eyes of the world.

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Knock knock Red Blend - Bodega Torre Oria
Knock knock Red Blend - Bodega Torre Oria
Red wine semi-dry Spain Valencia (ES) Utiel-Requena DO (ES)
3.97€ *
0.75 l (5.29€ * / 1 l)
Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Red wine dry Spain Murcia (ES) Jumilla DO (ES)
6.99€ *
0.75 l (9.32€ * / 1 l)
Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
Red wine semi-dry USA California (US)
10.10€ * 9.48€ *
0.75 l (12.64€ * / 1 l)
1791 Shiraz 2019 - Nederburg
1791 Shiraz 2019 - Nederburg
Red wine dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
6.39€ *
0.75 l (8.52€ * / 1 l)
1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg
1791 Rosé 2021 - Nederburg
Rosé wine semi-dry South Africa Western Cape (ZA)
6.30€ *
0.75 l (8.40€ * / 1 l)
Talento Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Talento Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Red wine dry Spain Murcia (ES)
6.99€ *
0.75 l (9.32€ * / 1 l)
6er Vorteils-Weinpaket Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
6er Vorteils-Weinpaket Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
56.91€ * 56.05€ *
4.5 l (12.46€ * / 1 l)
Marionette Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Marionette Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Red wine dry Spain Murcia (ES)
5.99€ *
0.75 l (7.99€ * / 1 l)
12er Vorteils-Weinpaket Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
12er Vorteils-Weinpaket Apothic Red 2019 - Apothic Wines
113.81€ * 110.99€ *
9 l (12.33€ * / 1 l)
Melck's Blended Red 2018 - Muratie Estate
Melck's Blended Red 2018 - Muratie Estate
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Stellenbosch (ZA)
9.50€ *
0.75 l (12.67€ * / 1 l)
6er Paket Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
6er Paket Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
41.91€ * 41.29€ *
4.5 l (9.18€ * / 1 l)
Reserva 2019 - Palo Alto
Reserva 2019 - Palo Alto
Red wine dry Chile Valle Central (CL) Valle de Maule (CL)
6.50€ *
0.75 l (8.67€ * / 1 l)
Borsao Selección Joven DOP 2020 - Bodegas Borsao
Borsao Selección Joven DOP 2020 - Bodegas Borsao
Red wine dry Spain Aragonien (ES) Campo de Borja DOP (ES)
6.99€ *
0.75 l (9.32€ * / 1 l)
Goru Jumilla 1,5 l Magnum DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
Red wine dry Spain Murcia (ES)
13.99€ *
1.5 l (9.33€ * / 1 l)
18er Paket Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
18er Paket Goru Jumilla DO 2020 - Ego Bodegas
125.74€ * 121.35€ *
13.5 l (8.99€ * / 1 l)
Max de Castilla 2018 - Bodegas Tinedo
Max de Castilla 2018 - Bodegas Tinedo
Red wine dry Spain Castilla - La Mancha (ES)
7.95€ * 7.50€ *
0.75 l (10.00€ * / 1 l)
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Origin of the Syrah grape

The problem with Syrah is her identity. Having barely left her parental home in France, leaving behind her parents Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza, she adopted local idiosyncrasies of her earthbound stations. Syrah red wine is originally from the Rhône valley. With over 70,000 hectares, it is one of the most widely grown grapes in France. Syrah wine is very popular as a blend wine and as a solo entertainer. No wonder that the grape from the Rhône valley was exported all over the world. The grape likes it dry and Australia is hot. Within only 30 years it became the most important grape on the other side of the world. From then on it was also known as Shiraz, made its mark on the wine world and is now considered a noble grape. Whether USA, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, Italy. There is hardly a country where Syrah wine is not gladly seen, pressed and drunk. For the enjoyment of wine in distant countries, it is worthwhile to take a look at the following synonyms for Syrah: Shiraz, Hermitage, Sirac, Syra, Schiras, Nerreto di Saluzzo, Marsanne Noir, Entournerin, Antournerein Noir, Candive, Blasamina and Biaune.

The difference between Syrah and Shiraz

The Syrah grape variety is spread all over the world. The taste of the red wine therefore varies from country to country. Basically, Syrah is considered full-bodied and smooth, with a dark and powerful colour. The sometimes strong differences become clear when comparing a fine French Syrah with a full-bodied Shiraz wine from Down Under, "where women glow and men plunder.

Syrah is elegant. With a vital acidity, the tannin-strong wine is rather slim and less alcohol-heavy. Spicy and bittersweet berry aromas, from forest fruits and sour cherries, enchant the nose with a broad bouquet.

Shiraz red wine on the other hand has more bang in the bottle. Opulent body and a high alcohol content, make this typical Australian red wine a strong, occasionally residual sweet and full-bodied candidate for those who like it a little stronger. The nose is dominated by a variety of wild berries, as well as pepper and plum.

Shiraz or Syrah?

Shiraz, a red grape variety, has the same genetic make-up as the Syrah, however their individual histories differ. James Busby, a Scotsman known as the ‘Father of Australian Viticulture’, brought the Syrah grapevine back to Australia from Europe in 1933. The grape now known to us as Shiraz was then called Scyras (among other synonyms). ­Today Shiraz is widely distributed in Australia and South Africa. Red wines made from Shiraz grapes are different from wine made from the French Syrah, even though they are both made up of the same genetic material. Wine from Australian Shiraz grapes is sweetish with a light chocolate note, e.g. the renowned Penfolds Grange wine. The grape known in Australia and South Africa as Shiraz is called Syrah in California. It was not until 1936 that the Syrah grape was introduced to California, and it is assumed that that Shiraz had already been crossed with other Californian grape varieties toward the end of the 19th Century. Genetic tests at the University of California sugest that the Californian Shiraz, i.e. the Syrah, is a hybrid of the white Mondeuse Blanche and the red Dureza grape varieties.

Our Shiraz / Syrah recommendations

The discrepancy between wines from the same grape but from different corners of the earth is sometimes gigantic. However, the best Syrah wines are not found on one side of the world. Do the self-experiment between these recommendable representatives of their guild.

Futures Shiraz Barossa Valley - Peter Lehmann

A deep red and voluminous wine from the Barossa Valley in Australia, with rich aromas of plums, cherries, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Silky tannins and a good structure make Shiraz, from ancient vines, a first class recommendation.

Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage AOC - M. Chapoutier

Located on the Hermitage mountain in the Rhône valley, Les Meysonniers red wine is vinified using a single variety. The vines, which are at least 25 years old, produce a multi-faceted, red-violet wine. The bouquet of red berries, cassis and delicate violet notes, make the dry Syrah a dense and round thing.

Find even more wine, more choice, more fun in the glass at VINELLO. Our range consists of thousands of different wines. Dry, semi-dry, sweet, sweet. In all colors and from all countries. Your favourite wine is certainly among them. If not Syrah, then maybe a Merlot, Malbec or a Pinot Noir?

Cultivation and quality of Syrah wines

Syrah is mainly cultivated in France (approx. 70,000 ha) and Australia (approx. 44,000 ha). Well-known wine regions in France are the Rhône valley (Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage, and Cornas), the Languedoc and Gaillac. Outstanding Shiraz wines from Australia can be found in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Eden Valley and MC Laren Vale in the state of South Australia, and in the Heathcote wine regions of Victoria and the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Other Shiraz stocks are cultivated in Spain (about 20,000 ha), Argentina (about 13,000 ha), California (about 10,000 ha), South Africa (about 10,000 ha), Italy (about 7,000 ha). Partly tiny cultivation areas in Canada, Cyprus, Mexico, Algeria and Switzerland, make the Syrah one of the most cultivated grape varieties in the world. The red wine has established itself in the wine aristocracy in the last decades and is considered a noble vine by wine connoisseurs.

The grape variety is late budding and thus protected from late frost. Nevertheless, Syrah is mainly cultivated in sunny places, as the grape is already sensitive to slight wetness and cold and mainly prefers hot terroirs. A sure instinct is required for the harvest. If Syrah is harvested too early, the wine takes on a bitter, green note. Harvested too late, the acidity and fruity aroma is noticeably reduced. With optimal timing, you will get excellent and balanced wines. Always on guard for a fine wine - for you to enjoy. With friends, with loved ones, with you. Take a sip of joie de vivre with a glass of Syrah. Cultivate thirst and enjoy yourself at the same time.

The right bottle of Syrah for you

The grape variety has been found and yet you will find a selection of over 200 different Syrah and Shiraz wines in the VINELLO wine shop. Here are a few clues to find your personal wine.

Syrah wines are mostly dry red wines, but there are also fresh rosé wines from the same grape variety. Rarely sweet wines are also pressed.
For the beginner we recommend inexpensive wines around 10€. Already here you can see your personal preferences between Syrah and Shiraz. Once you have made your choice, you can try exquisite wines up to 40€. In this price category you can already find first-class Syrah wines. For a real cult wine, the crème de la crème, you have to look deeper into your wallet.
If you are not sure about the quality of a special wine, it is worth looking at the awards of specialist magazines, such as Falstaff or Vinum. The experience of our customers can also help you with your choice. Our in-house sommeliers will be happy to advise you by phone or email.
Whether Christmas, a barbecue, a cosy evening among friends or a lazy Sunday. An occasion is quickly found, the suitable wine perhaps rather not. Pay attention to our recommendations for occasions and you will always serve the right bottle for a unique moment.

Interesting facts about Syrah red wine

Enjoying a good wine is easy. But to make a Syrah wine the perfect treat, you need a few tricks. Here are the most frequent questions of our wine gourmets.

What is Syrah wine?

Syrah is a grape variety from which red wine is made. Syrah is one of the few grape varieties that are grammatically feminine in French (La Syrah). Another common name for Syrah is Shiraz. Syrah is mainly grown in France and Australia.

Which food goes well with Syrah wine?

The full-bodied Syrah red wine goes well with hearty meat dishes, such as steaks and roasts, and a rich vesper platter of strong hard cheeses and hams.

What is the ideal drinking temperature of Syrah?

As with most red wines, Syrah is served at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C.

How long does an open bottle of Syrah last?

An open bottle of Syrah red wine should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. The bottle should be closed again with a cork or screw cap.

How do you store a bottle of Syrah?

Syrah wines are very rich in tannin and can therefore be stored for decades. The bottle should be stored lying down, in a dark and cool place.

How long must Syrah wine breathe?

Most Syrah wines are drinkable immediately after opening.

Buy Shyraz online at VINELLO

Once around the world and back. VINELLO delivers your favorite directly to your door. Securely packaged and quickly delivered, it is easy to buy a bottle of Shiraz online in our online shop. Order, open, enjoy. We do the rest. With our promise of a fair and transparent checkout process and guaranteed service, we want to make drinking wine a completely relaxing experience for you. Discover the world of wine, with the wide selection of top wines from the VINELLO wine trade. All wines for everyone - especially for you.


Things to know about Shiraz
Woher kommt der Shiraz?
DNA-Analysen belegten, dass Shiraz eine Kreuzung von Mondeuse Blanche und Dureza ist und somit aus Frankreich stammen muss. So konnten Theorien einer Herkunft aus Schiras im Iran und Sizilien widerlegt werden.
Wo liegt die ideale Trinktemperatur für Shiraz?
Die optimale Trinktemperatur für Shiraz Weine liegt zwischen 15 und 18 °C.
Welches Essen passt zum Shiraz?
Saftige Braten aus Rind und Wild eignen sich hervorragend zum Shiraz Rotwein. Auch Nudelgerichte und reife Hartkäsesorten harmonieren in vorzüglicher Weise mit dem kraftvollen Wein. Beachten Sie auch unsere Speiseempfehlungen für jeden einzelnen Wein, so findet sich immer etwas Leckeres zum Shiraz.
Wie lange kann man Shiraz Wein lagern?
Nur die wenigsten Weine profitieren von einer längeren Lagerung im Weinkeller. Shiraz gehört jedoch durchaus dazu. Besonders Weine mit starken Tanninen können 5 bis 10 Jahre gelagert werden, bis die optimale Reife erreicht ist. Besonders hochwertige Shiraz Weine besitzen sogar eine Lagerfähigkeit von mehr als 15 Jahren. Mehr dazu finden Sie in den Eigenschaften der einzelnen Weine. Für die Lagerung sollte der Wein an einem kühlen, dunklen und temperaturbeständigen Ort geschehen. Shiraz Weine mit Korken sollten liegend gelagert werden, wobei die meisten australischen Weine einen Schraubverschluss besitzen.