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Possessioni Rosso 2017 - Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso 2017 - Serego Alighieri
Red wine dry Italy Venetien (IT)
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Vaio Armaron Amarone delle Valpolicella Classico DOC 2015 - Serego Alighieri Vaio Armaron Amarone delle Valpolicella Classico DOC 2015 - Serego Alighieri
Red wine dry Italy Venetien (IT) Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG (IT)
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Possessioni Bianco del Veneto IGT 2021 - Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco del Veneto IGT 2021 - Serego Alighieri
White wine dry Italy Venetien (IT)
vegan vegan
Poderi Bellovile Rosso di Toscana IGT - Serego Alighieri Poderi Bellovile Rosso di Toscana IGT - Serego Alighieri
Red wine dry Italy Tuscany (IT)

In the Valpolicella Classico region lies the estate Serègo Alighieri, not far from the city of Verona and Lake Garda. The estate was originally owned by the Alighieri family, who acquired it as a place of exile.

Aerial view of the estate

How the divine comedy led to wine

When one reads the name of Serègo Alighieri, the association with one of Italy's greatest poets inevitably comes to mind. And this association is not by chance, in fact it was Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy, who in 1353 acquired Casal dei Ronchi, from which the present estate Serègo Alighieri was born.

The second name of the estate was added in 1549, when there were no more male descendants in the Alighieri family. So the Alighieris married into the powerful family Serègo, the descendants of this union called themselves from now on Serègo Alighieri.

Serègo Alighieri - two families united

The estate's winemaking tradition was fundamentally reformed under Macantonio Serègo in the 16th century, and in the 18th century grape varieties were planted for the first time on specific terroirs to obtain the best results. The phylloxera plague did not spare Serègo Alighieri, and so in 1920 Pieralvise Serègo Alighieri founded an agricultural school in Gargagno and had the area replanted with autochthonous grape varieties.

Experience history at the Serègo Alighieri winery

in 1973, the Masi Group acquired Serègo Alighieri and built its reputation worldwide as one of the most famous historic Venetian wineries. Serègo Alighieri is now open to the public and offers very interesting glimpses into the viticulture of the past, with its buildings made from local prunestone, the historic drying store, and one of the oldest cellars in Valpolicella.

In dry storage

Vinifcation at Serègo Alighieri

In the cellar of Serègo Alighieri lie the grapes for the appassimento method, in which the grapes are dried and thus their sugar content is concentrated. The grapes for the wine of the same name and its sweet brother, the Recioto, are left for at least 100 days.

The wines are aged in 600-liter cherry wood barrels, which open up surprising aromas to the wine off the typical path. In addition, there are also some oak barrels for the initial maturation, since cherry wood is very porous and can thus only be used for a maximum of 4 months.

The special cherry wood barrels

The Vaio Armaron - world class pleasure

One of the most famous wines of Serègo Alighieri is the Vaio Armaron Amarone, which was already counted among the world's best wines by Wine Spectator. It combines the typical advantages and peculiarities of Serègo Alighieri, such as the use of an in-house clone of the Molinara grape, as well as the use of the above-mentioned cherry wood barrels.

In addition to its top wine, Serègo Alighieri also produces:

  • four other red wines
  • two white wines
  • Grappa made from Amarone grape marc
  • Specialties such as olive oil, jam, honey or chestnut cream

More information aboutSerègo Alighieri

Company Name:Serègo Alighieri
Street:Via Stazione Vecchia 472
City:37015 Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR)
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 0457703622
Year of Incorporation:1353
Company Group:Masi Agricola