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- Grappa Solera di Solera - Segnana
- Grappa Gentile - Segnana
- Grappa di Chardonnay - Segnana

Segnana is a grappa distillery in Trento, which is affiliated with the Ferrari sparkling wine house. The company is part of the Lunelli Group.

Barrels near Segnana

Segnana - Grappa from Trentino

Paolo Segnana began touring the countryside with a mobile distillery in 1860. With his cart he drove from farm to farm and bought the marc from the farmers to process it. The reason for this way was the rigid legislation of the K-and-K monarchy, which stipulated that grappa had to be distilled within 24 hours of pressing. Currently Segnana belongs to the Lunelli family, which also produces Ferrari sparkling wines.

Grappa is a grape marc spirit produced from the residues of pressing during wine production. The direct processing of the marc after pressing has been preserved to this day at Segnana, as it guarantees the preservation of the aroma, flavor and fragrance of the raw material. Some of the raw material comes from the grapes used for Ferrari sparkling wines, so nothing is wasted.

Distillation flask at Segnana

Segnana's distillation techniques

The grappa from Segnana is produced in the so-called bain-marie still. Unlike conventional stills, this one uses steam to prevent the marc from burning, which would otherwise leave a bitter and burnt aftertaste.

Furthermore, Segnana collaborates with the Edmund Mach Foundation of San Michele all'Adige, benefiting from their many years of scientific research and experimentation on distillation. Special techniques are used and bring out the best of the grape:

  • hydraulic compression
  • a patented distillation system

ensure a constant moistening of the marc.

More information aboutSegnana

Company Name:Segnana
Street:Via del Ponte 13
City:38123 Trento (TN)
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 461 972311
Year of Incorporation:1860
Company Group:Fratelli Lunelli Srl