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Shiraz Diamond Selection South Eastern Australia 2020 - Rosemount Estate Shiraz Diamond Selection South Eastern Australia 2020 - Rosemount Estate
Red wine dry Australia South Australia (AU) South East Coastal (AU)
Diamond Blends Shiraz Cabernet 2021 - Rosemount Estate Diamond Blends Shiraz Cabernet 2021 - Rosemount Estate
Red wine dry Australia South Australia (AU)

The Rosemount wines have always stood for fresh, lively and pleasing wines from Australia. The estate has been producing since 1974 and has since made a name for itself on the international stage.

Aerial view of Rosemount property

Rosemount Estate - Award-winning top wines from Australia

Already the 1975 vintage could convince many of itself by unmistakably presenting the qualities of the winery. Always on the pulse of time, they presented in the 80s to the Chardonnay wave an appropriate wine, which could win the rare double gold at the IWSC. Awards such as Winery of the Year 2000 at the San Francisco International Wine Competition followed, as well as other prizes over the years.

The Australian Mediterranean

McLaren Vale, just an hour from the capital city of Adelaide, offers a Mediterranean feel in Oceania. German and Italian settlers who arrived here began growing grapes fairly quickly. The region offers different soils, as well as different microclimates depending on the distance from the sea.

Thus, it gives the winemakers the opportunity to select the best soils for their grape varieties and create unique wines. In addition to Shiraz, which accounts for 51% of McLaren Vale 's vineyard area, other classics grow in the valley:

  • Chardonnay
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

But varieties like Fiano and Vermentino are also found here, brought by Italian immigrants.

The flagship collection

Responsibility and dedication at Rosemount Estate

Sustainability is also very important at Rosemount. The harsh Australian climate demands careful work, and so the estate's process water is used to irrigate the surrounding wetlands to preserve the flora and fauna. They cooperate with the University of Adelaide and the Cleland Wildlife Park, for example.

The team's dedication to quality allows Rosemount wines to shine at a very high level to this day. In addition to the Rosemount Blends for beginners, to the Diamond Label series, which makes up the bulk of the portfolio, to the Flagships, wines of the highest quality from selected vintages, there is something for everyone.

More information aboutRosemount Estate

Company Name:Rosemount Estate
Street:114 Chaffeys Road,
City:5171 McLaren Vale
Region:South Australia
Contact & Web
Telephone:+61 8323 6220