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Flor del Pego Verdejo Rueda DO 2017 - Ricardo Sanz Flor del Pego Verdejo Rueda DO 2017 - Ricardo Sanz
White wine dry Spain Castile and León (ES) Rueda DO (ES)

Bodegas Menade

Fresh wind in the DO Rueda

Ricardo (real name Richard) Sanz, part of a sixth generation winemaking family, shows his ideas and preferences of how a wine should be for him with his own small line. Together with his siblings, he produces the wines in the family winery Bodegas Menade. The story begins as early as 1820, when their ancestors farmed vineyards in a variety of sites that are now part of the DO Rueda.

Bodegas Menade was founded in 2005, but Alejandra, Marco and Richard have 200 years of winemaking experience.

It is with great pleasure that the original architectural features of Bodegas Menade's new location have been preserved and somewhat enhanced with some restoration work. Due to its optimal temperature and humidity levels throughout the year, it offers the perfect refuge and resting place for the wines and old vintages aged in barriques. Moreover, it is also an ideal and quiet place to hold small to medium sized tasting events in addition to the many local activities.

Work in the vineyard

Close to nature

The work in the vineyard is all set to be in harmony with the environment. The naturally available resources are used, which have already been proven in ancient cultural practices. An example of this is the use of vegetable infusions or whey, which preserve the soil, the plants and the naturally occurring yeasts. At Bodegas Menade there is no chemical treatment at all.

More information aboutRicardo Sanz

Company Name:Bodegas Menade
Street:Carretera Rueda 1
City:47509 Rueda
Contact & Web
Telephone:+34 983 103 223
Fax:+34 983 816 561
Year of Incorporation:2005
Managing Director:Familie Sanz