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Reserve de L'Estey Medoc AOC - Calvet
  • Dieser Rotwein aus Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot und Petit Verdot Trauben harmoniert perfekt mit pikanten Curry mit Lamm oder gefüllten Paprikaschoten
  • Dem Genießer zeigt sich dieser Wein aus Bordeaux außerordentlich balanciert
  • Ein idealer Rotwein, perfekt als elegantes Geschenk für gute Freunde

Reserve de L'Estey Medoc AOC - Calvet

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Reserve de L'Estey Medoc AOC - Calvet

More information about Reserve de L'Estey Medoc AOC - Calvet

In the glass, the Reserve de L'Estey Medoc from Calvet presents a bright ruby color. The nose of this red wine from Bordeaux seduces with aromas of blackberry and strawberry. If we trace the aromatics further, vanilla and green bell pepper are added, encouraged by the oak influence.

The Calvet Reserve de L'Estey Medoc delights with its elegantly dry flavor. It was bottled with exceptionally little residual sugar. This is a real quality wine, which clearly stands out from simpler qualities and so this Frenchman enchants naturally with all dryness with the finest balance. Taste does not necessarily need residual sugar. On the palate, the texture of this balanced red wine is wonderfully creamy and dense. In the finish, this youthful red wine from the wine-growing region of Bordeaux finally thrills with exceptional length. Once again, hints of strawberry and blackberry appear. In the aftertaste, mineral notes of the soils dominated by gravel and limestone are added.

Vinification of the Reserve de L'Estey Medoc by Calvet

The basis for the balanced Reserve de L'Estey Medoc from Bordeaux are grapes from the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. In Bordeaux, the vines that produce the grapes for this wine grow on soils of limestone and gravel. The grapes for this red wine from France, after ensuring optimal ripeness, are harvested particularly quickly and preferably in the morning to preserve their freshness. After the hand harvest, the grapes immediately reach the winery. Here they are sorted and carefully crushed. Fermentation then takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by aging on the fine lees for several months before the wine is finally bottled.

Food recommendation for the Calvet Reserve de L'Estey Medoc

Drink this red wine from France ideally tempered at 15 - 18°C as an accompanying wine to duck breast with sugar snaps, ossobuco or boeuf bourguignon.

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