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Zinfandel Heritage Vines Sonoma County - Rancho Zabaco
Red wine dry USA California (US) Sonoma (US)

The Rancho Zabaco Winery is located in Sonoma County California a few miles northeast of Healdsburg.

Rancho Zabaco Winery - Dedicated to Zinfandel

The winery grows mostly a variety that has been grown in this region for 150 years, the Zinfandel. Over the years, Zinfandel, or as it is known here, Primitivo, has proven itself time and again in the terroir of Sonoma County and has established itself as a top variety. The lead oenologist and co-founder of Rancho Zabaco Winery Eric Cinnamon always succeeds in coaxing new facets out of the Zinfandel grapes. Not an easy task, but Eric Cinnamon is considered one of the best and most innovative winemakers in the world. 

Rancho Zabaco vineyard

The beginning of the Rancho Zabaco winery

The Rancho Zabaco winery was founded in 1996. At that time, the popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon was on the decline, so the winery focused on the time-honored Zinfandel variety, which was reintroduced in 1994. A courageous but correct decision as should be shown. The winemakers have shown so much skill with their Zinfandel creations that the winery has earned a reputation as one of the best wine producers in the region, as well as a worldwide reputation. Rancho Zabaco initially began with vineyards in Dry Creek Valley. Later, the areas were then extended to the Sonoma Valley, where in particular also the famous location Monte Rosso could be won. Here grow the grapes for the prestigious Zinfandel Monte Rosso and the Toreador Zinfandel. 

Off to research

The team at Rancho Zabaco sees even more potential in the Zinfandel grape, and so it conducts a considerable  amount of testing and research to expand the range in the cultivation and aging of the wine. For example, test Zinfandel clones are grown on a large number of limited vineyards and tested for further positive varietal characteristics. In order to be able to create ever new taste impressions, one tries to reach an optimal variety variety. For this purpose, the basic variety is blended in the sense of a cuvée, e.g. with spicier or more color-intensive Zinfandel varieties. One result of these efforts was the development of the 101 Zinfandel. It has smaller grapes and a looser bunch. This results in greater color intensity and a more complex flavor, for example. 

Rancho Zabao Vines

Overall, the Rancho remains focused on Zinfandel, adding at most small percentages of Petite Syrah to round it out. Regular awards and points above the 90 limit prove Rancho Zabaco 's tests, efforts and research right. 

More information aboutRancho Zabaco

Company Name:Rancho Zabaco Winery
City:95448 Healdsburg
Continent:North America
Contact & Web
Telephone:+1 866-972-6246
Company Group:E & J. Gallo Winery