Pflümli Les Eaux de Vie - Fassbind

Pflümli Les Eaux de Vie - Fassbind

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59.89 €
0.7 l (85.56€ * / 1 l)

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Pflümli Les Eaux de Vie - Fassbind
59.89 €
0.7 l (85.56€ * / 1 l)

Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping

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The plum Les Eaux de Vie is mild in the nose and pleasantly fruity with its strong peacock aromas.

On the palate, this fruit brandy is nutty and reminiscent of plum compote. Overall, the barrel binding Pflümli is full-bodied and fruity with a medium-long, harmonious finale.

Production of the Plum Les Eaux de Vie

For the production of this fruit brandy from Switzerland, mainly fully ripe plums are used. The mash develops a fruity taste after fermentation. After subsequent distillation, the plum is stored for at least 12 months until it reaches the required quality


Serving recommendation for the Pflümli Les Eaux de Vie

Enjoy this fruit brandy pure, for example as a digestif.

Product type: Spirits
Type of spirit: Fruit brandy , Edeldestillat - Edelbrand
Country: Switzerland
Starting product: Plum
Vintage: NV
Aromas & Palate Notes: Peach
Finish: medium
Glass Recommendation: Sherry Glass/ Nosing Glass
Occasion & Theme: family event , Gift for good friends , Party
Bottle size in L: 0,7
Alcohol % ABV: 41,0
Distributor: S. Fassbind AG - Poststrasse 7 - 6414 Oberath - Schweiz
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