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Sancerre AOC - Moulin Des Vrilléres Sancerre AOC - Moulin Des Vrilléres
White wine dry France Loire Valley (FR) Sancerre (FR)

At Moulin des Vrilléres, Karine, Christian and Kévin Lauverjat take care of their vines. The winery produces various wines of the Sancerre region.

The Moulin Des Vrilléres estate

Moulin Des Vrilléres - a family in Sancerre

The family business Moulin des Vrilléres is located in Sury-en-Vaux in the French wine-growing region of Sancerre. Wines have been grown here since 1980.

The Sancerre region is located on the left side of the Loire, south of Orleans. The most important grape variety here is Sauvignon Blanc, from which the typical white wine is produced. Sancerre rouge or rosé wine is also produced from Pinot Noir. 

Soils in Sancerre

The terroir in Sancerre is quite diverse, the town of the same name is situated on a chalk cliff which is part of a massif that stretches from the chalk cliffs of Dover to here. Then in the region itself there are many small valleys which have their own soils:

  • Flint
  • Marl
  • Gravel
  • Limestone

Moulin Des Vrilléres is located in the south of the region, where mainly limestone loam dominates.

The Pinot Noir, the most important red grape variety in Sancerre

The vineyards of Moulin Des Vrilléres

12 hectares of land belong to the estate, where vines with an average age of 30 years thrive. The Lauverjats use the "lutte raisonnée" method in the vineyard, which means as little intervention as possible.

Instead of using chemical pesticides, they prefer to work the soil mechanically. In addition, they use seaweed, the plant is wonderfully suitable as fertilizer and strengthen the vines to prevent diseases.

Bottles stored for a long time in the cellar

The cellar and the wine

In the cellar, temperature-regulated steel tanks are used for fermentation. Wooden tanks are also available for the red Sancerre wine. A special feature in the cellar is the ceramic filters, which use the tangential flow method. The wines are filtered again before bottling, the advantage of ceramic filters is that there is no waste. The Lauverjats own their own bottling line here, so they don't have to rely on an outside service provider.

At Moulin Des Vrilléres, the family is producing a wide range of wines typical for the region; besides Sancerre Blanc, you can also find rosé wines, red wines, as well as Vin de Pays or a wine from the neighboring Pouilly-Fumé appellation under the name of Karine, the head of the house.

More information aboutMoulin Des Vrilléres

Company Name:Moulin des Vrillères
Street:Moulin des Vrillères
City:18300 Sury-en-Vaux
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 2 48 79 38 28
Fax:+33 2 48 79 39 49
Year of Incorporation:1980
Company Owner:Christian & Karine Lauverjat
Cultivated Area:Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé