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In the Goulburn Valley, north of Melbourne, rises the tower of Mitchelton Winery. The iconic building is also found in the brand's logo. Wine has been produced here since 1969, with a particular focus on Shiraz and Riesling.

The manor house of Mitchelton Wines

The estate with the tower

The name of the estate comes from the discoverer Major Thomas Mitchell, who is said to have been there in the 19th century. in 1991, the estate won the Jimmy Watson Trophy for its Shiraz and was named Winery of the Year. A high-class restaurant and hotel were also established and outdoor concerts began to be held, with guests such as Bryan Adams.

A small paradise surrounded by water

As already mentioned, the estate specializes in Riesling and Shiraz, and also produces cuvées from grapes grown in the Rhône Valley. With care and attention to the land, head winemaker Andrew Santarossa produces wines that beautifully represent the terroir and climate. The hot climate of the area is absorbed by a large amount of water bodies that are found everywhere. The soil consists of:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Mudstone
  • Granite sediment

In addition to the grapes grown on the estate itself, additional grapes are sourced from the Heathcote area and several partner wineries. 

The Goulburn River

The meandering Goulburn River shapes the environment and thus the flora and fauna of the estate, which Mitchelton is committed to preserving. Accordingly, Mitchelton's own water management system reduces consumption, hardly any synthetic pesticides are used, and the banks of the Goulburn River are regularly replanted with native plants and maintained.

In addition to viticulture, Mitchelton has also chosen to present its own homeland in the form of an art exhibition, which features a wide variety of pieces decorated with indigenous art. Thus, in addition to the classic paintings, there is also a truck that is completely painted with Aboriginal motifs.

More information aboutMitchelton Wines

Company Name:Mitchelton
Street:470 Mitchellstown Rd
City:3608 Nagambie VIC
Region:South Australia
Contact & Web
Telephone:+61 3 5736 2222
Year of Incorporation:1969