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Ruby Cabernet 2018 - McGregor Ruby Cabernet 2018 - McGregor
Red wine dry South Africa Breede River Valley (ZA)
Ruby Cabernet 1,0 l 2019 - McGregor Ruby Cabernet 1,0 l 2019 - McGregor
Red wine dry South Africa Breede River Valley (ZA)

McGregor is a community about 115 km east of Cape Town. The village's wine estate bears the same name, in which 33 winegrowers have joined together.

The manor house

Winery McGregor - two villages, one name and one pastor

The village of McGregor was originally called Lady Grey, named after the wife of Cape Governor Sir George Grey. This soon caused problems for the authorities, as there was also a village of this name in the Eastern Cape Province. It was not until 1904 that this changed, a congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church named their building in the village after the Rev. Andrew McGregor. Two years later, the village finally bore this name as well.

View over the surrounding valley

McGregor in numbers

The McGregor wine community was founded in 1948 and produces about 14000 tons of grapes and 10 million liters of wine annually. The time, which seems to run slower in the country anyway, is also reflected in the relaxed wine style of the community. 

The portfolio

Today they produce a selection of wines of various types:

  • four reds
  • five whites
  • one rosé
  • four specialties such as Port and Muscadel

The grapes ripen

The team at McGregor

Today, the McGregor winemaking community is led by a 6-member board of managers. Elmo du Plessis and his assistant Hugo Conradie are again responsible for the winemaking. Elmo has been part of the team since 2009 and was trained in South Africa, but then traveled the world to gain many kinds of experience.

Hugo has also been part of the team since 2018, with a fairly similar resume. In addition, of course, the team consists of a number of tireless helpers who make it possible in the first place that the grapes end up in the tank and the wine at the customer.

More information aboutMcGregor

Company Name:McGregor Winery
Street:Langeberg Ward 5
City:6708 Langeberg
Country:South Africa
Region:Western Cape
Contact & Web
Telephone:+27 23 625 1741
Fax:+27 23 625 1741
Year of Incorporation:1948