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Roero Arneis Camestrì DOCG 2022 - Marco Porello Roero Arneis Camestrì DOCG 2022 - Marco Porello
White wine dry Italy Piemont (IT)
Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2020 - Marco Porello Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC 2020 - Marco Porello
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT)
Barbera d'Alba Mommiano DOC 2021 - Marco Porello
Barbera d'Alba Mommiano DOC 2021 - Marco Porello
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT)

Marco Porello grows his wines in the Roero area. In this rather unknown region of Piedmont, high-quality gems such as Arneis or Toretta are produced.

Marco Porello

Winegrower in consequence

The Porello family was already active in viticulture at the beginning of the 20th century, but it was not until 1930 that Cesare Porello transformed the family hobby into a trade. His sons Riccardo and Ettore inherited the estate after the Second World War and devoted themselves exclusively to viticulture, which was very untypical for the time. in 1994 Marco Porello, Riccardo's son, took over the estate. The will to produce high quality wines has been with the Porellos for generations and so even today they pay attention to small details to give their wines the best polish.

The sea makes the land

The Roero region bears the name of a noble family that ruled here in the 14th century. The days are hot and the nights cool. The soils and microclimates are very diverse, so it is necessary to distinguish strongly between individual areas. Marco Porello owns vineyards near the village of Vezza d'Alba, located midway between Genoa and Turin. Here thrive for example

  • Nebbiolo
  • Arneis
  • Favorita

The land was under water in prehistoric times and is accordingly sandy and rich in minerals that benefit the taste and ripeness of the grapes. Barbera and Roero Toretto are also grown, not far from Vezza near the town of Canale d'Alba. Here, the soil is more clayey and the southwestern exposure provides good ripening conditions and a distinctly different character. 

Impressions from the vineyard

Experience Piedmont

Three white wines, five reds and two dessert wines are offered by Marco Porello today, with a strong focus on autochthonous grape varieties such as Roero Torretta, Roero Arneis or Favorita. If you want to experience a real piece of Piedmont, Marco Porello is the right place for you!

More information aboutMarco Porello

Company Name:Azienda Agricola Marco Porello
Street:Corso Alba 71
City:12043 Canale
Contact & Web
E-mail: info@porellovini.it
Telephone:+39 173-979324