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Sauvignon Blanc Cape Agulhas WO - Lomond
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South Africa South Africa
Cape South Coast (ZA) Cape South Coast
0.75 l (13,332.00€ * / 1 l)
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0.75 l (13,332.00€ * / 1 l)

At the southernmost tip of South Africa, where sharks swim in the water and boats struggle for composure, lies the winery Lomond near Gansbaai. 


Lomond - Wine from the southernmost tip of South Africa

It is named after Ben Lomond, a geologically highly interesting mountain that directly borders the winery. The winery, which opened in 2004, is surrounded by a very special climate, namely that of mighty oceans that meet at Cap Agulhas. Summers are characterized by persistent cool and salty southwest and southeast winds, which ensure that the grapes ripen slowly, gaining complexity and character. Together with the multi-layered soils, the winemakers at Lomond Vineyard have countless opportunities to make wines in keeping with the local nature - indomitable.

Lomond wines with a sea view

Sea air blows around the vineyards, also at the Uilenkraal River

The location of the Lomond Winery was carefully chosen by founder Wayne Gabb. To the north is the South African wine region of Elim, to the south the ocean, which exerts the greatest influence on the grape varieties with 20 to 40 km/h winds. Lomond is in the middle of the coolest growing region in South Africa. The approximately 800 acres of farmland surrounding the Lomond estate are underlain by 18 different soil types, including sandstone, shale, granite, gravel and clay. Draughty ocean winds for intense flavors, plots up to 20 meters across with diverse soils for complexity in the wine. Each site is managed individually so that each vine can fully develop and each wine has its own special character. 

Flora, fauna and grape varieties 

Lomond is home to unique flora and fauna, including the fynbos plant, whose protection is a major concern for the winery. As a member of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy and Biodiversity and Wine Initiative projects, Lomond Farm is actively involved in nature conservation and has provided new habitat for all kinds of birds by building an artificial lake - though presumably not an ostrich. Since 1999, numerous grape varieties are now also adding to the flora at Cap Agulhas, reaching full maturity at the cool and southern tip of Africa:

  • Shiraz
  • Merlot
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Viognier
  • Nouvelle (cross between Sémillon and Courchen Blanc)
  • Sémillion
  • Mourvèdre
  • Chenin Blanc

Lomond produces complex and intense wines from different grape varieties.

Lomond Farm - more than wine

In addition to growing grapes on potentially 400 acres and the winery, Lomond Farm offers another 400 acres of farmland. In addition, there is a tasting room, a restaurant, and opportunities to combine unique ambience with wine enjoyment in the ancient Milkwood forest. Cap Agulhas is generally considered a tourist area, with bike trails across Ben Lomond, active harbor life and shark diving. Contrary to popular belief that the Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost point in Africa, in reality Cap Agulhas is further south and for that alone has a magical appeal. The wild climate, the extraordinary nature, the rough sea - all this can be found in the wine of Lomond.

More information aboutLomond

Company Name:Lomond Wine Estate
Street:Avoca Road
City:7220 Gansbaai
Country:South Africa
Region:Western Cape
Contact & Web
Telephone:+27 28 388 0095