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Les Tannes

Les Domaines Paul Mas with Le Ciel, Les Tannes, Mas des Tannes, Mas de Mas

The Domaines Paul Mas are now in their fourth generation of family ownership and are now managed by Jean Claude Mas. It is four domains that are brought together under his direction in the sunny region of the Languedoc, right on the Mediterranean Sea, and have allowed him to become one of the leading wine producers, beyond the region.

From an early age, he was interested in wine and his passion continues to this day. The working philosophy of Jean Claude Mas is characterized by two principles. During the fermentation process, the cellar is the stage for the free play of the grapes. The only important thing is how and when to exploit the best characteristics of the grapes, without pressure, constraint or force. Once fermentation is complete, the art of blending ensures elegance, harmony and uniqueness.

The different wines of Domaines Paul Mas combines the fruitiness spoiled by the sun and the qualified vinification, which guarantee first-class wines, otherwise rarely found in the south of France.

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Company Name:Domaines Paul Mas
Street:D5 Route de Villeveyrac
City:34530 Montagnac
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Telephone:(0033) 4 67 90 16 10