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- Toledana Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG 2021 - La Toledana
White wine dry Italy Piemont (IT) Gavi DOCG (IT)

South of Gavi in Piedmont is the Castello  La Toledana. 

The La Toledana Winery from Piedmont

La Toledana - the home of the Gavi di Gavi "Toledana"

The 16th century Castello is one of the few noble residences of "Genoese" origin. In this area, still subject to the climatic influence of the nearby Ligurian coast, Gian Battista Cambiaso planted the first documented Cortese vines and produced the first dry white wine of this region.

Gavi di Gavi from the hands of the Martini family

Today the Martini family runs the estate, which is surrounded on all sides by vineyards. Despite the close proximity of the vineyards, the Cortese grapes produced here differ in their characteristics. Thus, vintage after vintage is puzzled anew, which grapes finally come in the Gavi DOCG wine. Experience shows, however, that the Martini family knows the solution to the recurring riddle and presses one of the best Gavi di Gavi wines from Piedmont.

Surrounded by Cortese vines - La Toledana

The white wine of Italy 2011

In recent years La Toledana sets a new benchmark for Gavi di Gavi. The late harvest with a low yield results in the new character of a fruit-driven and persistent white wine, which offers even more nuances as a "raccolto tardivo". For years, La Toledana's new style has delighted the entire wine world and set new standards in the region. The flagship is the Gavi di Gavi La Toledana, which was ranked 3rd among all Gavi di Gavi in the 2006 Guida dei Vini Italiani and was named Italian White Wine of the Year by Weinwirtschaft in 2011. The most recent vintages continue to impress wine tasters and critics alike, earning gold medals and top ratings.

Cortese for Gavi di Gavi wine

The viticulture of the La Toledana estate

The estate covers about 25 hectares of vineyards, where only the regionally typical Cortese grape is cultivated for Gavi di Gavi wine. Amazing is the variety of soils that alternate among the vineyards. Thus, grapes from one plot express intense mineral accents, while another reveals fresh fruity notes. Something that all the vines have in common is the high level of care required, so that the yield of the Cortese grape variety can be reduced. Only in this way can the top level of quality for Gavi wines be created and the harmony of

  • fruity aromas
  • floral notes and
  • full-bodied taste

in the glass. 

Careful work, yield reduction, single-varietal wines - La Toledana vinifies the Gavi DOCG wines according to the specifications of the consortium Tutela Del Gavi, to which the winery belongs since 2002.

More information aboutLa Toledana

Company Name:La Toledana
Street:Località Sermoira 5
City:15066 Gavi
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 0141 837287
Fax:+39 0141 837204
Cultivated Area:Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG