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La Granja 360° Tempranillo Garnacha 2021 - La Granja La Granja 360° Tempranillo Garnacha 2021 - La Granja
Red wine dry Spain Aragonien (ES) Cariñena DO (ES)

Plot number 360 - La Granja

The name La Gran ja comes from the Spanish and means "the farm". In 1945, the then new winery in the town of Almonacid de la Sierra was assigned the plot number 360, which gives the wine its current name. 

The estate is located in the famous wine region Cariñena in the northeast of Spain. It is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the country. The first designation of the region was in 1932, and then in 1960 it received theDenominación de Origen designation, Spain's term for a protected geographical origin. This made it the second wine-growing region in the country to receive this honour. Viticulture, as in so many parts of the Iberian Peninsula, dates back to the time of the Phoenicians and eventually the Romans. 

Work in the vineyard

Viticulture in Cariñena

The climate in the region is characterised by dry, hot summers and cold winters. Precipitation is rare. Typical for Spain, mainly red wines are cultivated here. The most important varieties are among others:

  • Garnacha
  • Tempranillo
  • Mazuela

The Cariñena grape variety of the same name, one of the most important grape varieties in northern Spain, also originated in this wine-growing region. However, it is not as strongly represented here as the previously mentioned ones.

In addition to the red representatives, the white grape varieties Macabeo, Granacha Blanca, Moscatel, Chardonnay and Parellada can also be found, for example.

The basis for the 360 are Garnacha and Tempranillo

An insider tip

La Granja 360° is one of the insider tips among the inexpensive wines. Over the years, it has built up a small fan community, which appreciates the wine very much. This circle also includes "wine pope" Robert Parker, who described the 2010 vintage of the wine as a "magical everyday wine", of which you should always have a few bottles.

Let yourself be carried away to the sunny south with strong berry and spice notes, which this fantastic red from Aragón brings along. 

More information aboutLa Granja 360

Company Name:La Granja 360
Street:Carretera, Z-V-1201
City:50108 Almonacid de la Sierra
Contact & Web
Telephone:+34 976 78 01 36
Company Group:Axial Vinos