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Pinot Grigio DOC 3,0 l Bag in Box - Käfer
Peach, Pear and Walnut
  • Dieser sortenreine Weißwein ergänzt perfekt Gerichte wie fruchtigen Endiviensalat oder Wok-Gemüse mit Fisch
  • Dem Genießer zeigt sich dieser Wein aus Sizilien außerordentlich balanciert
  • Dieser italienische Weißwein eignet sich erstklassig als stimmiger Tropfen zu einer Vielzahl von Gerichten & Anlässen

Pinot Grigio DOC 3,0 l Bag in Box - Käfer

White wine Italy Italy Sizilien (IT)
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Pinot Grigio DOC 3,0 l Bag in Box - Käfer

More information about Pinot Grigio DOC 3,0 l Bag in Box - Käfer

In the glass, the Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box from Käfer presents a bright golden yellow color. If you give it a little air in the wine glass by swirling it, you can perceive an unprecedented balance in this white wine, as it is neither watery nor syrupy or liqueur-like on the glass walls. The first nose of the Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box reveals notes of peaches and pears. The fruity notes of the bouquet are joined by walnut.

The Käfer Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box is wonderfully dry for wine enthusiasts. This white wine is never coarse or austere, as you would expect from a premium and single-vineyard wine. This light white wine is balanced and multi-layered on the palate. Thanks to its moderate fruit acidity, the Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box flatters the palate with a pleasing sensation without lacking in juicy liveliness. The finish of this white wine from the wine-growing region of Sicily is ultimately delightful with a beautiful aftertaste.

Vinification of Käfer Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box

This balanced white wine from Italy is made from the Pinot Grigio grape variety. The fact that Pinot Grigio grapes thrive in a warm climate also has a considerable influence on the ripening of the grapes. Among other things, this results in particularly well-ripened grapes and a rather high alcohol content in the wine. After harvesting, the grapes are immediately taken to the press house. Here they are selected and carefully crushed. This is followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by maturation on the fine lees for several months before the wine is finally bottled.

Dining recommendation for Käfer Pinot Grigio 3.0 l Bag in Box

This white wine from Italy is best enjoyed chilled at 8 - 10°C as an accompaniment to spaghetti with yoghurt and mint pesto, vegetable salad with beetroot or omelette with salmon and fennel.

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  • Hard facts

    Product type:
    Type of Wine:
    White wine
    Wine colour:
    Wine acidity in g/l:
    Residual sugar (approx.) in g/l:
    Cultivation area:
    Sizilien (IT)
    stainless steel tank
    Quality Classification & Rating:
    DOC Denominazione di origine controllata
    Peach , Walnut , Pear
    Mouthfeel/ Texture:
    Warm Climate Winegrowing Region
    Optimal serving temperature in °C:
    8 - 10
    Food Pairing:
    Light dishes
    Bottle size in l:
    3,0 Bag-In-Box
    Bottle Design & Features:
    Bag-in-box / wine tube
    Alcohol % ABV:
    Allergens and ingredients:
    contains sulfites and sulfur dioxide
    Peter Mertes KG - Bornwiese 4 - 54470 Bernkastel-Kues - Deutschland
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