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Crianza DOCa 2019 - Hacienda Grimon Crianza DOCa 2019 - Hacienda Grimon
Red wine dry Spain La Rioja (ES)
Finca La Oración DOC - Hacienda Grimón
2019 2020
Finca La Oración DOC - Hacienda Grimón
Red wine dry Spain La Rioja (ES)
- Tinto DOCa 2021 - Hacienda Grimón
Red wine dry Spain La Rioja (ES)
- Reserva DOCa Rioja 2018 - Hacienda Grimon
Red wine dry Spain La Rioja (ES)
Blanco Joven DOP 2019 - Hacienda Grimón Blanco Joven DOP 2019 - Hacienda Grimón
White wine dry Spain La Rioja (ES)

The red soil of the Valle del Jubera, where Hacienda Grimón has been vinifying fruity and tannic red wines since 1999, is full of vigor. Together with the dry climate of Rioja, 20 to 40 year old bush vines with Graciano, Tempranillo and Garnacha thrive magnificently. Not least due to the dedication and finesse of the Oliván family, who bottle Spanish joie de vivre with their own project in Lagunilla. 

Francisco Olivàn from Hacienda Grimón

Hacienda Grimón - the winery belongs to the family

Hacienda Grimón owns about 38 hectares, and the family, led by Francisco Oliván, knows each and every one of them. Finally, the harvest is done by hand. Pesticides are not used here, and fertilizer is applied with sheep manure. Being close to nature is an important concern for Hacienda Grimón, as it is nature that provides the winery with optimal conditions. The philosophy as well as the working method aim at a yield-reduced production, so that only about 5,500 kilos per hectare end up in the press. For the best yield from the vineyards in Lagunilla de Jubara and Santa Engracia, the grapes are selected again after hand harvesting and before destemming and only then malolactically fermented on the lees in stainless steel tanks until the wines are ready to age in oak barrels. 

Tempranillo, Graciano and Garnacha are the red grape varieties in Hacienda Grimón

The wines from the Bodega Hacienda Grimón

Crianza, Reserva, Tinto - the red wines from Hacienda Grimón captivate with dark red to purple reflections that promise ripe red fruits. Pleasant acidity, well-developed tannins and a wonderful body make the drops a powerful pleasure for fans of dry red wines. New projects of the Oliván family deal with chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, which complete the portfolio of the rustic family winery.

The Valle de Jubera offers perfect growing conditions

The grape varieties

Among the grape varieties grown at Hacienda Grimón are the following:

  • Graciano
  • Tempranillo
  • Granacha

More information aboutHacienda Grimon

Company Name:Hacienda Grimon
Street:C/Gallera Nº6
City:26131 Ventas Blancas
Region:La Rioja
Contact & Web
Telephone:+34 941 48 21 84
Fax:+34 941 48 21 84
Year of Incorporation:1999