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Fattoria Aldobrandesca (Antinori)

Fattoria Aldobrandesca (Antinori)

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- Aleatico Sovana Superiore DOC 0,5 l 2020 - Fattoria Aldobrandesca
Fortified Wine sweet Italy Tuscany (IT) Sovana DOC (IT)
A Toscana Rosato IGT 2021 - Fattoria Aldobrandesca A Toscana Rosato IGT 2021 - Fattoria Aldobrandesca
Rosé wine dry Italy Tuscany (IT) Toscana IGT (IT)
Vie Cave Toscana IGT 2021 - Fattoria Aldobrandesca Vie Cave Toscana IGT 2021 - Fattoria Aldobrandesca
Red wine dry Italy Tuscany (IT) Toscana IGT (IT)

Fattoria Aldobrandesca Vineyards

Fattoria Aldobrandesca - in the heart of the Etruscan Maremma

The Fattoria Aldobrandesca winery of the Marchesi Antinori is located in the south of Tuscany, in the Maremma area, known as "The Land of the Etruks and the Tufas". Most of the time, the term Maremma brings to mind the coastal land, plains and pine groves, horses and Tuscan cowboys, the Butteri. But there is another Maremma, the one in the hinterland, with its fascinating tufas, rocks on which entire fortified towns have grown since ancient times, Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, historic places that today have museum value in the open air. On the slopes of a formation of tufa, near the town of Sovana are the vineyards of Fattoria Aldobrandesca, immersed in an enchanting natural and archaeological landscape.

Fattoria Aldobrandesca. Where the Etruscans already made wine

Even before the Romans, these lands were settled and cultivated by the Etruscans and it is said that they already produced wine, as did the Romans after them. At the end of the 6th century the Longobards conquered Sovana and gave the territory to the powerful Aldobrandeschi family. In the year 1000 Hildebrand of Sovana became pope with the name of Gregorius VII. As pontiff he favored his native town, the lands grew and the town of Sovana became the capital of a wealthy and powerful principality. Later Sovana with its tufa villages passed first to Siena and then to Florence, becoming part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The Fattoria Aldobrandesca is located in the middle of this landscape, which is so interesting for winegrowing and so rich in history.

Aldobrandesca Etruscan

For the love of a fascinating and historical terroir

100 hectares of vineyards on a tufa promontory, about 200 m.a.s.l. The soils are of volcanic origin with substrates of tufa. Here grows a traditional autochthonous grape variety such as Aleatico and finds a new grape variety for Italian viticulture such as Malbec an ideal new terroir.
For the Marchesi Antinori family, Fattoria Aldobrandesca represents a great challenge. On the one hand for the renaissance of the old grape variety, on the other hand with the planting of a completely new grape variety in this region. The result is impressive wines in an old and at the same time new wine-growing area.

Fattoria Aldobrandesca produces three wines:

  • A Toscana Rosato IGT
  • Vie Cave Toscana IGT
  • Aleatico Sovana Superiore DOC

More information aboutFattoria Aldobrandesca (Antinori)

Company Name:Fattoria Aldobrandesca
Street:Località Scansanaccio
City:58010 Sorano (GR)
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 0564 615907
Company Group:Marchesi Antinori SpA
Company Owner:Marchesi Antinori
Vineyard Area:100
Cultivated Area:Maremma; Sovana DOC