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Grand Cru Saint-Emilion AOC - Château Rozier
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR) Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (FR)
Château Bertin Lussac Saint-Émilion AOC 2019 - Famille Saby Château Bertin Lussac Saint-Émilion AOC 2019 - Famille Saby
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR) Lussac Saint-Émilion (FR)
Merlot Bordeaux AOC 2020 - Château Saby Merlot Bordeaux AOC 2020 - Château Saby
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR)
Château Hauchat Fronsac AOC 2019 - Famille Saby Château Hauchat Fronsac AOC 2019 - Famille Saby
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR) Fronsac (FR)

The Chateau Rozier in Saint-Emilion and nine generations of winemaking in Bordeaux

The acquisition of the first parcel in Saint-Emilion in 1775 laid the foundation for this traditional winery, which is now run by the ninth generation of the Saby family, who are passionate about producing excellent wines in Bordeaux. Through numerous inheritances, purchases and sales, the family's property today consists of a large number of plots, which they distribute like a mosaic throughout the area around Saint-Emilion.

In the 20th century, the Château Rozier was added, which has developed continuously and today covers 28 hectares and is also the company headquarters. Its name is a tribute to Abbé Rozier, who wrote the first manual on viticulture.
in 1989, Jean-Bernard Saby bought Château Hauchat from his uncle; the Fronsac and Bordeaux Supérieur appellations are produced here. In 2002, the family inherited the Château Saint Andre Corbin estate, where three new appellations have been vinified since the 2003 vintage:  Saint-Georges-Saint-Emilion, Montage Saint-Emilion and Lalande de Pomerol. 
Over 70 hectares today counts the initially small family business, all located in Bordeaux and in the most prestigious appellations.

Quality and sustainability

Since 2011, production at Vignobles Saby has been converted to sustainable production as part of the environmental management system for Bordeaux wines.

The heirs of the family, Jean-Christophe and Jean-Philippe SAby, both their Zeichnes oenologists, produce powerful and mature wines, combining tradition and modernity. Respect is the key word for these two brothers, always paying attention to quality. Despite the diversity of soils, the Saby vineyards produce year after year wines with a beautiful dark ruby color, with an intense nose of blossoming red fruits that have the characteristics of the great vintages of the region.

More information aboutFamille Saby

Company Name:Château Rozier
Street:7 Le Sable
City:33330 Saint Laurent des Combes
Region:Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 05 57 24 73 03
Year of Incorporation:1775
Company Group:Vignobles Saby S.A.
Company Owner:Saby family
Managing Director:Jean-Christophe und Jean-Philippe Saby
Cellarmaster:Jean-Christophe und Jean-Philippe Saby
Vineyard Area:über 70 ha
Cultivated Area:Bordeaux, Sant-Emilion, Fronsac, Saint-Georges-Saint-Emilion, Montage Saint-Emilion, Lalande de Pomerol