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Elbling - Earthly white wine for unearthly pleasure


Ancient and yet fresh and tangy as never before: the white grape variety Elbling enjoys renewed popularity among wine lovers.

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Frickenhäuser Kapellenberg Fränkischer Gemischter Satz - Bickel-Stumpf
White wine White wine
dry dry
Germany Germany
Franconia (DE) Franconia
0.75 l (13,332.00€ * / 1 l)
Saale-Unstrut Weiß Kellermeister Edition - Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut
White wine White wine
dry dry
Germany Germany
Saale Unstrut (DE) Saale Unstrut
0.75 l (10.11€ * / 1 l)
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Elbling Potio Nitteler Gipfel - Weingut Sonntag
Buy 24, save 8%!
White wine White wine
semi-dry semi-dry
Germany Germany
Moselle Moselle
0.75 l (10.64€ * / 1 l)

Elbling - a returning trend

The fresh white wine, once the most cultivated grape variety in Germany, combines many positive characteristics that have made the white wine a trendy summer wine. So off you go into the warm season and enjoy the smug character of one of Europe's oldest grape varieties with a glass of light and fresh Elbling.

Already 2000 years ago the Elbling wine found its way into Germany. Probably introduced by the Romans via Gaul, the Elbling grew magnificently on the shell limestone soils along the Moselle. The high-yielding grape variety experienced its heyday in the Middle Ages, when winegrowers had to pay a tithe of wine to the heavenly authorities. At that time, Elbing was the most widely cultivated grape variety in the area now known as Germany. With the abolition of the tithe, the cultivation decreased significantly and was replaced in large part by the Silvaner and Riesling. Today, Vitis alba - white vine - is cultivated on about 550 hectares in the Upper Moselle, Franconia and Saxony. Fortunately for the lovers of a comfortable, uncomplicated and drinkable white wine from Germany.

Taste forms the character

The Elbling wine has a pronounced acidity in its fruity and tangy body, which shines bright yellow in the sun. With a typical lightness, Elbling is recommended as a fresh thirst quencher on hot summer days and nights. Produced as a dry white wine, it scores with a neutral and catchy taste, which is expressed by fruity nuances of lemon, apple, pineapple and a hint of peach and nut. The Elbling white wine is considered to be somewhat softer and more drinkable than the Riesling and is also very often vinified to sparkling wine due to its excellent structure. A big plus that makes Elbling particularly attractive in the eyes of many wine drinkers is the very environmentally friendly and natural wine production, since Elbling requires only little nitrogen. A fresh taste, nature-oriented vinification and a palatable character - no wonder that Elbling white wine is an up-and-coming wine of the highest quality.

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Things to know about Elbling white wine

What is Elbling?

Elbling is a grape variety from which white wine and sparkling wine is vinified. It is considered one of the oldest grape varieties in Europe and was already cultivated by the Romans.

What goes well with Elbling white wine?

Elbling harmonizes excellently with seafood and fish, but also goes well with any Vesper.

How should Elbling white wine be stored?

Elbling white wine is drunk young and does not need to be stored. In a cool, dark and temperature-resistant room, a bottle will keep for up to 3 years.

How long does an open bottle of Elbling white wine last?

An opened bottle of Elbling will keep for up to 5 days. In order for the wine to last this long, it should be closed again with the cork and stored in the refrigerator.

At which drinking temperature should Elbling be served?

The ideal drinking temperature for an Elbling white wine is between 7 and 10° C.

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