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- Sancerre Rosé AOC 2021 - Domaine Michel Thomas
Rosé wine dry France Loire Valley (FR) Sancerre (FR)
- Sancerre Blanc AOC 2021 - Domaine Michel Thomas
White wine dry France Loire Valley (FR) Sancerre (FR)

Family wines from the Domaine Michel Thomas

In Les Egrots, a small hamlet in the commune of Sury-en-Vaux, Laurent Thomas runs Domaine Michel Thomas with 17 hectares of vineyards. He is assisted by his son Alexis, who has returned to the estate after completing his studies.

View of the village Les Egrots


The estate is located in Sancerre, one of the most famous appellations in the Loire region. The white wine from this area bears the name of the area, Sancerre has been a protected designation of origin since 1959. The vineyards are located in a hilly landscape at 200-300m above sea level, the climate is continental. Winters are cold, and in spring there is often still a risk of frost. The Loire moderates the temperature fluctuations somewhat, the viticulture is mainly done on steep slopes to make the most of the sunlight.

The terroir of Domaine Michel Thomas (and of Sancerre)

The vines of Domaine Michel Thomas are located in different communes, which allows us to have plots on different soils such as:

  • Caillottes (limestone soil)
  • Terres-blanches (clay-limestone soil)
  • Flint

to have. These three soils are typical of the Sancerre region. Each terroir gives a different typicity that can be found in each wine. The calcareous soils of the Caillottes provide fine and fruity wines, which are already very tasty when young. The vines on the Terres-blanches, on the other hand, provide the material for wines that have aging potential and are therefore aged in oak barrels. The wines produced on the flint, on the other hand, are more smoky and mineral.

View of a vineyard of the Domaine Michel Thomas

From grape to wine at Michel Thomas

In the Sancerre region, only two grape varieties are grown almost exclusively, and Domaine Michel Thomas is no exception:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Noir

Three white wines represent the different terroirs and convey their characteristics. Thus, the Sancerre Blanc from the Caillottes is the light, lively entry, which is already enjoyed young. The Sil'ex is more mineral in character and makes a wonderful companion to oysters, for example. The grapes from the Terres-blanches form the basis for the Cuvée Terre-Blanche, which, as already mentioned, is aged in oak barrels. Aromas of almonds and candied fruits play around the palate here and make an ideal companion to heartier dishes.

Finally, Laurent and Alexis Thomas vinify a red wine from the Pinot Noir, which is aged in steel tanks, as well as one from the wooden barrel. A rosé wine is also included to round off the portfolio.

More information aboutDomaine Michel Thomas

Company Name:SCEV Michel et Laurent Thomas
Street:Les Egrots Sury en Vaux
City:18300 Sancerre
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 2 48 79 35 46