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Tavel AOC 2021 - Domaine La Rocalière
Rosé wine dry France Rhône Valley (FR) Tavel (FR)
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Lirac AOC 2020 - Domaine La Rocaliére Lirac AOC 2020 - Domaine La Rocaliére
Red wine dry France Rhône Valley (FR) Côtes-du-Rhône (FR)


Domaine La Rocaliére is located in the southern part of the Rhône, where the only two cru sites are located on the right bank of the river. These are the AOC Tavel and the AOC Lirac. There the Lemoine/ Borrelly family cultivates 55 hectares of their own vineyards. The Domaine La Rocaliére, which has always been family-owned, was extensively rebuilt in 1995 to meet the demands of a modern winery. In addition to a wine press house, a new cellar was built and a wine shop was constructed next to it. Today, the sisters Séverine Lemoine and Mélanie Borrelly are in charge of Domaine La Rocaliére. Séverine is also responsible for the vinification. Although she studied economics, she could not escape the fascination of nature and terroir. After long observation and learning in the family business, she finally developed her own ideas and her own personal style, which is reflected in the very convincing French wines.

More information aboutDomaine La Rocaliere

Company Name:Domaine de la Rocalière
Street:Le Palai Nord
City:30126 Tavel
Region:Languedoc- Roussillon
Contact & Web
Telephone:+334 66 50 12 60
Fax:+334 66 50 23 45
Company Owner:Lemoine/ Borrelly family
Managing Director:Séverine Lemoine und Mélanie Borrelly
Cellarmaster:Séverine Lemoine
Vineyard Area:55 Hektar