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Pouilly Fumé AOC - Domaine de Fontenille Pouilly Fumé AOC - Domaine de Fontenille
White wine dry France Loire Valley (FR) Sancerre (FR)

A piece of family history - Domaine de Maltaverne

For three generations, the Maudry family has lived and worked on their Domaine de Maltaverne estate in the Pouilly Fumé appellation.
Several Pouilly Fumé vintages are traditionally produced in this old 19th century farmhouse, as well as various local products. The Maudrys are always looking for the best expression of their particular terroir. Gilles Maudry has owned the winery since 1984, following in the footsteps of his father Antoine. His son Matthieu has worked at the winery since 2015, after a long period of study.

Gutshauts of the Domaine de Maltaverne

Facts and figures about Pouilly-Fumé

The Pouilly-Fumé appellation is located in the Loire region. The name is composed of two parts:

  • Pouilly comes from the town of Pouilly-sur-Loire, which lies in the middle of several well-known appellations
  • Fumé (French for smoked) stands for the flinty soils of the area, which give the wines a mineral and smoky flavor

Pouilly-Fumé is located southeast in the extended axis of Sancerre and Menetou-Salon, two other appellations in the region. Approximately 70,000 hectoliters of wine are harvested annually. Only one grape variety is allowed for the protected wines of the region: Sauvignon Blanc.

The Sauvignon Blanc, the emblem of Pouilly-Fumé

The wines of Domaine de Maltaverne

The Domaine de Maltaverne also specializes in this grape variety. Two white wines represent the terroir: the Traditional Cuvée and the Prestige Cuvée. While the first wine is the main product of the house, made in the classic style of the area, extra care is taken for the Prestige Cuvée. Only the best grape material is chosen, the harvest times are carefully selected and the harvest is carried out only at night in order to preserve the grape material. 

In addition to the emblematic Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir is also grown at Domaine de Maltaverne, which is then processed into the Cuvée des Garennes. The red wine of the house is aged in typical tradition in oak barrels.

More information aboutDomaine de Maltaverne

Company Name:Domaine de Maltaverne
Street:Maltaverne - 45 RN 7
City:58150 Tracy-sur-Loire
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 6 84 72 09 01
Managing Director:Gilles & Matthieu Maudry