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Domaine Bernard Reverdy

Domaine Bernard Reverdy

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- Les Caillottes Rosé Sancerre AOC - Bernard Reverdy
Rosé wine dry France Loire Valley (FR) Sancerre (FR)
Les Caillottes Blanc Sancerre AOC - Bernard Reverdy Les Caillottes Blanc Sancerre AOC - Bernard Reverdy
White wine dry France Loire Valley (FR)

About 200 kilometers from Paris, on the banks of the Loire, you can find the winery Bernard Reverdy et Fils. The farm manager Noel Reverdy ensures a unique production of rosé wines and white wines.

Bernard Reverdy - Wines from the heart of France

Les Caillottes Rosé and Les Caillottes is produced by Bernard Reverdy et Fils with a very high standard of taste and quality of the wine product. To meet this demand, Bernard Reverdy takes only outstanding grapes and pays special attention to their processing standards. And the result is undoubtedly convincing. The French themselves, but also wine experts from all over the world appreciate the winery and its wines.

Bernard Reverdy et Fils Family

The air of the Atlantic and the Loire surrounds the Bernard Reverdy winery  

The grapes thrive here at an altitude of about 300 meters and benefit from a very special climate. On the one hand, the soil formation offers many mineral components, and on the other hand, the climatic influences of the Atlantic and, of course, those of the Loire provide very special growing conditions. At the location of Domaine Bernard Riverdy et Fils, various advantageous conditions thus come together and this naturally ensures grapes with an unmistakable taste. In order for this quality to end up in the glass, Domaine Bernard Reverdy carries out very high-quality processing of the grapes. The result is wines with a mineral note and a particularly fragrant elegance.

Bernard Reverdy et Fils Winery

An example of outstanding wines - Bernard Reverdy

This elegance and uniqueness even goes so far that wine connoisseurs can sometimes already guess wines from Bernard Reverdy by their special fragrance. The small French family business has focused on the production of exactly such wines - and he knows his craft. In ever new compositions, he remains true to the special taste and at the same time varies it  again and again in surprising ways. The result is convincing. In wine comparisons as well as in tastings, the wines of this winery are always picked up as outstanding examples of French wines from the Loire.

Bernard Reverdy vineyard

And these are the grape varieties of Domaine Bernard Reverdy:

  • Pinot Noir
  • Sauvignon Blanc

More information aboutDomaine Bernard Reverdy

Company Name:Domaine Bernard Reverdy
Street:11 Route des Petites Perrières
City:18300 Verdigny
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 2 48 79 33 08
Managing Director:Noel & Romain Reverdy
Vineyard Area:12 ha