Cuvee This Brut 1,5 l Magnum - Borgo Molino

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1.5 l (19.30€ * / 1 l)

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Cuvee This Brut 1,5 l Magnum - Borgo Molino
28.95 €
1.5 l (19.30€ * / 1 l)

Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs

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The light-footed Cuvee This Brut 1.5 l Magnum from Borgo Molino glides into the glass with brilliant platinum yellow. The pearl play of this spumante presents itself in the glass very finely pearled and extremely resistant. In the middle, the tone changes to a vibrant color. If you swivel the wine glass, this spumante is characterized by an incredible lightness, which makes it dance energetically in the glass. The aroma of this spumante from Veneto is determined by notes of various red and black berries and dark fruits such as sour cherries and plums. This Italian wine impresses with its elegantly dry taste. It was bottled with exceptionally little residual sugar. This is a real quality wine that stands out clearly from simpler qualities and so this Italian naturally enchants with the finest balance in all dryness. Aroma does not necessarily require a lot of sugar. The finale of this maturable spumante from the Veneto wine-growing region captivates with remarkable reverberation. The finish is also accompanied by mineral hints of the soils dominated by gravel and sand.

Vinification of the Cuvee This Brut 1.5 l Magnum by Borgo Molino

This elegant spumante from Italy is vinified from the Glera and Riesling grape varieties. In Veneto, the vines that produce the grapes for this wine grow on soils of sand, gravel and marl. The Cuvee This Brut 1.5 l Magnum is an Old World wine in the best sense of the word, because this Italian exudes an extraordinary European charm that clearly underlines the success of wines from the Old World. After the hand-picking, the grapes are quickly brought to the winery. Here they are selected and gently pressed. This is followed by fermentation of the base wines.

Food recommendation for Borgo Molino Cuvee This Brut 1.5 l Magnum

This Italian should best be enjoyed chilled at 8 - 10°C. It goes perfectly with fried trout with ginger pear, coconut lime fish curry or fruity endive salad

Product type: Wine
Type of Wine: Sparkling Wine
Style of Wine: Spumante
Wine colour: White
Sweetness: brut - bruto
Country: Italy
Region: Venetien (IT)
Occasion & Theme: Party , Romantic Dinner , Valentine's Day , Father's Day , Christmas
Grape Variety: Glera , Riesling
Vintage: NV
Quality Classification & Rating: IGT Indicazione Geografica Tipica
Soil: Sand , gravel , marl
Finish: long
Optimal serving temperature in °C: 8 - 10
Style: Old World
Food Pairing: Light dishes
Bottle Design & Features: modern
Bottle size in L: 1,5 Magnum
Shutter type: Champagne Cork
Alcohol % ABV: 11,0
Allergens & Misc. Ingredients: contains sulfites and sulfur dioxide
Distributor: Borgo Molino Vigne & Vini Srl - Via Fontane 3 - 31024 Roncadelle TV - Italien
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