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Wine from the Ahr - goes steeply

The natural wine growing border runs along the 51st degree of latitude, the vineyards of the Ahr are clearly above it. And yet the wine-growing region is considered one of the warmest in Germany. With its south-facing slate slopes, it is easily able to produce dense and velvety red wines. The leading variety in the often small plots is the Pinot Noir, which shows itself in the glass as an elegant and fruity wine. 

Ahr wine of strong character

Also very popular on the Ahr is the Frühburgunder, which, as the name suggests, ripens somewhat earlier than the Spätburgunder, which is itself a rather early ripening grape variety. Basically, all Burgundy varieties have found an excellent home here. There are also a few Blue Portugieser and Riesling vines, but these have a very small share in the already small growing area.

Shortly before the Ahr flows into the Rhine, one discovers gentle and finesse-rich wines in the vineyards. At the other end of the cultivation area, however, rather juicy and mineral wines are produced. Wherever you are in Ahr - the wine is mostly red. About 87% of the vineyard area is cultivated with red grape varieties. This makes the Ahr the largest closed wine-growing region in Germany for red wine - and the red wine from the Ahr an ambassador for first-class winemaker work. 

The special climate on the Ahr

This special location of the Ahr is due not only to the heat-storing soils of slate, loess and volcanic rock, but also to the climatic characteristics of the region. The sheltered location between the Vosges and Eifel Mountains experiences numerous hours of sunshine, but only little precipitation. 

The typical Ahr wine

Wine from the Ahr - must be a Pinot Noir This is usually the right guess. But the Pinot Noir is especially close to the hearts of the people in the Ahr valley. It is not unusual for the early-ripening Pinot Noir grapes to be pressed as rosé. Another speciality is the Ahrbleichert, a white vinified Pinot Noir wine. 

The star in the red wine paradise of Ahr, however, is and remains the red pressed Pinot Noir, which combines the terroir of the Ahr. The sun-fed soils offer the vines pleasant temperatures day and night. The mountain ranges provide protection against precipitation, and the mild "Mediterranean climate" does its part to ensure that the Ahr wines are velvety and well structured. 

Deep loess soils and volcanic rocks mix under the slate soil and provide the vines with a rich minerality. In addition to the fruity notes, a light earthy note can be detected in the wines from the Ahr. All these nuances combine in the wine to form a dense symbiosis of the best that this small wine-growing region has to offer.

Wineries in the Ahr wine-growing region

Winery Burggarten

The generation-spanning winery, not far from the mighty Landskrone, with its 15 hectares is responsible for about 120,000 bottles of wine from the Ahr. And they are very popular, as only about 20% leave the borders of the Ahr wine-growing region. The rest is sold directly from the farm. All the better that VINELLO has acquired the rare wines of the Burggarten Winery. Grown sometimes on volcanic rock and aged in wooden barrels, the wines present themselves with an incomparable elegance and freshness in the glass.


Everything that the Ahr has to offer can be found in the assortment of the Meyer-Näkel winery. Blanc de Noir, rosé, fresh Pinot Gris white wine and of course a velvety Pinot Noir red wine. Only the finest is on offer. The winery around "wine educator" Werner Näkel is known among the most renowned wine critics and gets highest scores from Falstaff to Eichelmann and Gault Millau. 

The wines of the Dernau winery often have a long maceration period behind them and thus refresh themselves on the expressive minerality of the soil. Matured in barriques, the Ahr wines gain even more complexity. The result: award-winning wines from the Ahr from the "German Top Winery for Red Wine", which is described in the magazine Feinschmecker.

Buy Ahr wine online at VINELLO

Why not take a walk along the red wine hiking trail of the Ahr - very comfortably from home. In our wine shop you will find exquisite examples of the sought-after Ahr wines. Whether Ahr red wine of strong character, rosé wine, sparkling wine or Blanc de Noir. At VINELLO, you can order a wide variety of wines from the best wine-growing regions in Germany and the world. 

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Bring the pleasure into your home and order Ahrwines online. Uncomplicated, safe, fast - cheers!