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Cuvée Olivettes 2017 - Château Ricardelle Cuvée Olivettes 2017 - Château Ricardelle
Red wine dry France Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)

This small region in the Coteaux du Languedoc near Narbonne is as exceptional as its wines and home to Château Ricardelle

Chateau Ricardelles Terroir

Château Ricardelle - Unique, southern French wine artistry

Around the protected massif of La Clape, characterized by unique flora and fauna, vines grow on about 1200 hectares, which gave the AOC its name. Of this, Château Ricardelle cultivates about 45 hectares.

Away from the many flat and sandy soils of the Languedoc, hilly soils are found here, which are particularly interspersed with limestone, boulders and sediment. Especially the AOC wines of Château Ricardelle from the cuvées of

  • Syrah
  • Grenache Noir and
  • Carignan

are among the most awarded in the region, not least due to Pellegrini's many years of experience.

Sun-drenched grapes from Chateau Ricardelle

Ricardelle - A name with history

As early as 1342, Château Ricardelle is mentioned in the archives of Narbonne. in 1696 it became the property of the Duc de Fleury. Already here, the potential of the area to grow wine was recognized.

The demand for great terroir wines is constantly increasing. Such wines that simply express all that has brought them to the bottles. Climate, soil and a gentle processing. The time of Bruno Pellegrini had come. Since 1990 it has been owned by the wine and sparkling wine agent. 

Pellegrini uses a mixture of modern technology and traditional methods to bring out the full potential of his vines. Complete abandonment of chemicals, as much manual work as possible and a careful selection of the crop ensure excellent qualities from year to year.

More information aboutChâteau Ricardelle

Company Name:Château Ricardelle
Street:Route de Gruissan
City:11 100 Narbonne
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 4 68 65 21 00
Managing Director:Bruno Pellegrini