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Château Lafitte - the name of the merchant

Château Lafitte is a vineyard located in Camblanes et Meynac in Bordeuax and has existed since 1763. The origin of the name Lafitte dates back to the 18th century, after it was acquired on February 12, 1763 by a wine merchant known in the region of Camblanes, Raymond Lafitte, who gave his name to the estate. Mentioned in the 2nd edition of Feret, the estate clearly shows the prestige it had already acquired in 1868.

Château Lafitte

In 1970, Juliette Mengin bought the estate. The resolute woman was immediately taken by the location of the property and its view over the Garonne valley. She undertook an intensive planting campaign, as well as a colossal job rebuilding a new vat house to accommodate future harvests, and played an important role in the development of Château Lafitte.

Château Lafitte today

in 1991, her son Max Mengin took over the management of Château Lafitte and, thanks to his international experience, was able to give the wine a new commercial boost. After studying oenology, Philippe Mengin, Juliette's grandson, traveled the world for many years to acquire an extensive knowledge of the wine export business. Philippe introduced new and modern working methods that contributed to a significant improvement in the quality of the wine, as well as a considerable development of the export market for the wines of the family estate. Today, 95% of Château Lafitte's wine is exported and enjoys a worldwide reputation.

The wine of Château Lafitte

The terroir of Château Lafitte

Château Lafitte is located at the gateway to Bordeaux and enjoys a breathtaking view of the Garonne Valley. The vineyard, which covers about thirty hectares and consists of only one piece, benefits from an advantageous soil, which is composed as follows:

  • 40% heavy gravel
  • 30% fine gravel
  • 30% calcareous clay

On these grow the classic Bordeaux grape varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a ratio of 4:1.

The wine

Throughout the year, Château Lafitte's vineyards are monitored and receive special attention. At optimal ripeness, the grapes are harvested, crushed and destemmed, and the winemaking process begins. After fermentation and a maceration of 4-5 weeks, the wine is given to maolactic fermentation, which then lasts for 12-24 months, depending on the wine. In total, Château Lafitte produces on about 200000 bottles per year.

More information aboutChâteau Lafitte

Company Name:SCEA Château Lafitte
Street:6 Route de la Lande
City:33360 Camblanes-et-Meynac
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 5 56 20 77 19
Fax:+33 5 56 20 00 18
Year of Incorporation:1763