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- 1er Cru Classé Sauternes-Barsac - Château Coutet
Dessert Wines Sauternes sweet France Bordeaux (FR)

The history of Château Coutet dates back to the time of the Hundred Years War. 

Château Coutet in Barsac

The Château Coutet - Premier Cru Sauternes

Founded as a defensive fortress by the English in the Barsac of the 13th century, it was first mentioned as a wine producer in 1643. Some of the historic installations still date back to the time of its creation. Since the 17th century, the vineyard area has been continuously expanded and the white wine typical of the Sauterne has been cultivated. This was mentioned in 1787 by the founding father of the United States and then ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson, as the best of its kind, of which Barsac is still justly proud. in 1855, the Sauternes from Barsac joined the ranks of the Premier Cru Classé and has retained this classification to this day.

Long rows of vines from Château Coutet

Coutet - The knife

Coutet stands for knife in the dialect of Gascony, and the naming of the château after the sharp cutting tool is no coincidence. Thanks to the clay soils of the vineyard, the

  • Sémillon-,
  • Sauvignon Blanc and
  • Muscadelle grapes

a particularly fresh, crisp and clear taste. For the Sauternes, the grapes are harvested in several courses, as only the noble rot is considered for wine production. Production methods that know how to combine modernity and tradition ensure the great quality of Château Coutet's sweet wines.

In the wine cellar of Château Coutet

More information aboutChâteau Coutet

Company Name:Château Coutet à Barsac
Street:Allée du Château
City:33720 Barsac
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 (0) 5 56 27 15 46
Cultivated Area:Bordeaux