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Champagne Charles Mignon

Champagne Charles Mignon

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Brut Premium Réserve Premier Cru - Champagne Charles Mignon Brut Premium Réserve Premier Cru - Champagne Charles Mignon
Sparkling Wine Champagne brut - bruto France Champagne (FR)
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- Brut Rosé Premium Réserve Champagne AOC - Charles Mignon
Sparkling Wine Champagne brut - bruto France Champagne (FR)

In the "capital of Champagne", Épernay, lies the Champagne Charles Mignon. The family business has been producing the coveted French sparkling wine for over 100 years.

Manon, Bruno, Laurence and Guillaume

Champagne Charles Mignon - straight from the heart of the region

The Mignon family originally comes from the village of Mesnil-le-Huttier, just a few kilometres from Épernay. Already there, the family had dedicated itself to the winemaking craft. Today, Bruno and Laurence Mignon are at the helm, their children Manon and Guillaume are already actively supporting them. While the ladies of the house are taking care of new ideas for wine tourism in the house, Bruno and his son are collecting ideas for the next cuvees in the portfolio.

The white slopes of the Champagne

The vineyards of Champagne Charles Mignon are located in Chouilly. Around the village there are Grand Cru sites from which the Mignons obtain their grapes. The village is not far from the river Marne, in the wine-growing region Côte des Blancs, which is famous for its Chardonnay. 

Steel tanks in the winery

The Côte des Blancs got its name from the strongly chalky soils, which shine white. This gives the Chardonnay its finesse and freshness, which make it so unique and qualify it as a candidate for the greatest cuvées in Champagne.

The sparkling wines of the house

Three grape varieties are used by Champagne Charles Mignon in their cuvées:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Meunier
  • Pinot Noir

The wines are regularly controlled during vinification

The family business has a small winery that produces so little that a certain exclusivity surrounds the Mignon champagnes. 

The Mignons are dedicated to bringing the minerality and freshness of their grapes to the bottle unaltered. "Structure. Finesse and purity" are the guiding criteria of Champagne Charles Mignon. Today, in addition to Champagne Brut and 1er Cru, they also offer rosé sparkling wines or Blanc de Blancs.

More information aboutChampagne Charles Mignon

Company Name:Champagne Charles Mignon
Street:6-7 rue Irène Joliot Curie
City:51203 Epernay
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 3 26 51 54 10
Fax:+33 3 26 51 54 10
Company Owner:Bruno and Laurence Mignon