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Baccanera Langhe Rosso DOC - Lo Zoccolaio
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT) Langhe DOC (IT)
Suculé Barbera d'Alba DOC 2019 - Lo Zoccolaio
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT) Barbera d'Alba DOC (IT)
- Barolo Cru Ravera Riserva DOCG 2015 - Lo Zoccolaio
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT) Barolo DOCG (IT)
- Barolo Lo Zoccolaio DOCG 2017 - Lo Zoccolaio
Red wine dry Italy Piemont (IT) Barolo DOCG (IT)

Those who come to Barolo, the heart of Piedmontese viticulture, are immersed in a landscape of vineyards with the winery Lo Zoccolaio 

Lo Zoccolaio winery presented - Cascina in Barolo

For centuries, people here have lived off the grapes that thrive in the Langa, on the hills on the right bank of the Tanaro River. In the midst of the area, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014, is also the relatively new Lo Zoccolaio winery, which has secured one of the top sites here. Harmoniously nestled in the shallow hills is the former house of the shoemaker, which was converted into a winery and whose fortunes are now managed by Gianni Martini. A total of 30 hectares of vines are cultivated, 14 of which are entirely Nebbiolo vines.

Lo Zoccolaio Winery

Timeless, dignified wines from Lo Zoccolaio

At Lo Zoccolaio, wine is not seen as a product, not as a commodity or fashion; rather, each bottle tells the story of the area and its people. The vineyards, facing southwest, are located on the slopes of the Bricco Barolo mountain, which stretches from Castello di Barolo up to Monforte. The wines produced here are full-bodied and fruity, as the Lo Zoccolaio winery represents the modern style of wine and thus knows how to distinguish itself from the traditional wineries in the area. Gianni Martini and his team also produce exclusively red wines, for which only vines from their own vineyards are used. In the glass, therefore, you taste a very particular, noble point of Italy.

 Cellar of the winery Lo Zoccolaio

The double tree of life

At the Lo Zoccolaio winery, a large white poplar tree grows with a double trunk to provide shade. This double tree is reminiscent of the inverted tree from Jewish tradition and Indian mythology, whose roots extend into spiritual spheres and whose imposing crown reaches out into the world we know. It is the tree of life or also of the knowledge of good and evil. The characteristic symbol on the labels of Cascina Lo Zoccolaio in Barolo: the double tree of life, was created in response to these reflections.

Lo Zoccolaio Vineyard

These are the grape varieties grown at Lo Zoccolaio

  • Nebbiolo
  • Barbera
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot

More information aboutCascina Lo Zoccolaio

Company Name:Cascina Lo Zoccolaio
Street:Localita Boschetti 4
City:12060 Barolo (CN)
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 0141 837287
Fax:+39 0141 837204
Company Group:Fratelli Martini secondo Luigi SpA
Company Owner:Gianni Martini
Managing Director:Gianni Martini
Vineyard Area:30