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- Etichetta Grigia Vermentino Colli di Luni DOC 2022 - Cantine Lunae
White wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT) Colli di Luni DOC (IT)
Etichetta Nera Vermentino Colli di Luni DOC - Cantine Lunae
White wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT) Colli di Luni DOC (IT)
Niccoló V Riserva Colli di Luni DOC 2016 - Cantine Lunae
Red wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT) Colli di Luni DOC (IT)
Niccoló V Colli di Luni DOC - Cantine Lunae
Red wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT) Colli di Luni DOC (IT)
- Mea Rosa Liguria di Levante Rosé IGT - Cantine Lunae
Rosé wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT)
- Auxo Colli di Luni DOC 2019 - Cantine Lunae
Red wine dry Italy Ligurien (IT) Colli di Luni DOC (IT)

Winery Cantine Lunae Paolo Bosni

La Cantina - The Lunae Winery

Cantine Lunae was founded in 1966 by Paolo Bosoni, who took over his family's lands and, with passion and a great dream, transformed a mixed farm into a pure wine-growing company of world class. He was convinced that with diligence and respectful work in all stages of the production process, the characteristics of the grapes ripened in the vineyard can be preserved with a gentle processing in the wine cellar. Now more than three generations, the family follows the principle of "quality over quantity"! Every year Lunae bottles only small quantities of the best wines. The wines produced in this way are breathtaking in their beauty and also impress with exclusivity. Lunae's vineyards are located in the Colli di Luni and range from the lowlands south of the Magra River to the Apuan Alps in the province of La Spezia.

L'Idea - The idea of Lunae

Paolo Bosoni's idea is to preserve in the cellar the quality created in the vineyard through careful and constant work in all its phases: from harvest to bottling and aging in the bottle. A commitment carried with passion and rationality, as much as respect for the land and research. The Cantine Lunae cellar, equipped with temperature-controlled steel tanks, barriques and large oak barrels, is the place where these principles are expressed. Here Paolo Bosoni works consistently with his brother Lucio and a group of three young oenologists according to his own philosophy.

    • temperature-controlled steel tanks
    • Barriques
    • large oak barrels

Il Nome - The name of Canine Lunae

The name Lvnae is inspired by the name of the city of Luni, an ancient Etruscan and Greek port dedicated by the Greeks to the goddess Selene. The first Luni colony was founded by the Romans in 177 BC. The viticulture of Lunae Bosoni has its roots in the millenary history of this land and its peoples, the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, from whom the winery inherited the great winemaking tradition.

L'Area - The territory of Cantine Lunae - Liguria

Cultivation area of Cantine Luane

Liguria is a thin arc that stretches between the French border to the west and the northern part of Tuscany to the east, along the Mediterranean coast. Framed by the mountains of the Alps and the Apennines, the Ligurian vines overlook the entire sea. Although geographically it belongs to northern Italy, it enjoys a temperate climate thanks to the influence of the sea. Genoa, the capital, divides the territory between the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante. 70% of the territory is made up of mountains and steep hills, with only two plains: the plain of Albenga on the Riviera di Ponente and the plain of Magra on the Riviera di Levante. In the latter, in the province of La Spezia, 70% of wine production is concentrated. Despite their limited production volume, Ligurian wines, especially white wines, are known for their elegance and freshness. The Colli di Luni area is the easternmost corner of the region, stretching between the Gulf of La Spezia and the Apuan Alps. The privileged position of the area offers a unique microclimate, where the action of sea and mountain breezes, alternating between day and night, creates an optimal condition for the cultivation of vineyards and the production of top quality wines. A view of the valley of the Magra and the Colli di Luni, which shows the diversity of the characteristics of the soils much sand and sediment in the valley, as well as barren hilly landscapes. This allows the production of wines with completely different profiles, from fragrant animating to gripping mineral.

    • french border in the west
    • northern part of Tuscany in the east
    • along the Mediterranean coast

More information aboutCantine Lunae

Company Name:Cantine Lunae
Street:Via Bozzi, 63
City:19034 Ortonovo
Contact & Web
Telephone:+39 0187660187
Fax:+39 0187 669222