Green apple, Caramel and Vanilla

Fine Pays d'Auge AOC - Calvados Dauphin

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Fine Pays d'Auge AOC - Calvados Dauphin
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0.7 l (24.57€ * / 1 l)

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The Calvados Fine by Calvados Dauphin from the Pays d 'Auge shines golden yellow in the glass and smells intensely of fresh, fruity apples with spicy notes in the background, which arise from the barrel storage. This French classic delights with its fruity, yet fresh taste, a delight for connoisseurs of this fine drop. 

Production of Calvados Fine Pays d 'Auge by Calvados Dauphin

Calvados Fine by Calvados Dauphin is a young cider spirit from Normandy, from the Pays d 'Auge, which is considered the area for the finest Calvados. Only if it comes from this region can it bear the coveted name "Calvados Pays d 'Auge Controlée".
Only very specific apple varieties are permitted for Calvados. These are mixed in a ratio of about 40% sweet apples, 40% bitter apples and 20% sour apples and an apple must is obtained therefrom. After double distillation of the apple must in small copper bubbles, the cider brandy is aged for two to four years at a constant cellar temperature in oak and chestnut wooden barrels.

Calvados Fine Pays d 'Auge recommendations by Calvados Dauphin

Enjoy this classic French cider brandy as an aperitif, at the end of a meal or with fine fruit desserts and apple pie, or as a refined ingredient with cocktails and long drinks.

Product type: Spirits
Type of spirit: Calvados
Ageing in: small barrel
Quality Classification & Rating: AOP Appellation d’Origine Protégée
Country: France
Starting product: Apple
Distillation: Copper Alambique
Maturation: Chestnut wood
Vintage: NV
Aromas & Palate Notes: Green apple , Caramel , Vanilla
Finish: long
Glass Recommendation: Sherry Glass/ Nosing Glass
Occasion & Theme: Apéritif , Gift for good friends , Christmas
Bottle Design & Features: classic
Bottle size in L: 0,7
Shutter type: Stelvin Screw Cap
Alcohol % ABV: 40,0
Distributor: SACB - Lieu-dit Ancien Moulin de la Foulonnerie - 14130 Coquainvilliers - Frankreich
Allergens & Misc. Ingredients: contains food colouring , contains sulfites and sulfur dioxide
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