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Maximo Tinto Tempranillo DO - Bodegas Maximo Maximo Tinto Tempranillo DO - Bodegas Maximo
Red wine dry Spain Castilla - La Mancha (ES)
- Casa Valdes Vino Tinto - Bodegas Maximo
Red wine dry Spain Castilla - La Mancha (ES)
Maximo Blanco Viura DO 2022 - Bodegas Maximo Maximo Blanco Viura DO 2022 - Bodegas Maximo
White wine dry Spain Castilla - La Mancha (ES)

The winery Bodegas Máximo produces modern, varietal wines with international style. 

Fine wines from the center of Spain

In this way, a different way of understanding wine is encountered. A kind that goes beyond the region, beyond trends and beyond fashion. As with many prestigious wineries, quality comes first at Bodegas Máximo. And quality does not simply come from using stainless steel tanks for wine fermentation. It runs through all areas. From the origin of the grape variety, to the care of the vineyard, to the way the wine is processed in the cellar. At Bodegas Máximo, all factors are equally considered and brought to the highest possible level.

Bodegas Maximo Winery

Mass without compromising quality at Bodegas Maximo

Wine lovers who can and want to taste the characteristics of each grape variety will get their money's worth from the wines of this winery. The fact that this is possible is thanks to the most modern production and work processes. These also allow Bodega Máximo to produce no less than three million liters of quality wine annually. 

 Winery Bodegas Maximo

Bodegas Maximo - Cultivation in the best company

The home of all Bodegas Máximo wines is Castilla La Mancha. It has the most vineyard plantations in the world. Of the total 600,000 hectares, 100,000 are new plantations, most of them with foreign varieties. Thus, under the same conditions, this Spanish region can compete with many wines from the so-called "New World".

 Bodegas Maximo Vineyard

These are the grape varieties

The wines of Bodegas Máximo are powerful wines, capable of freely expressing the character of the varieties used. Among them are:

  • Tempranillo
  • Viura



A white variety that is widely grown throughout Spain. It is fundamental for the production of cavas and is the main variety of Rioja white wines. It is also known as Macabeo.


It produces extremely fine and fragrant red grapes. This is perhaps the most important of the red wine varieties in Spain and is present in practically all regions with designation of origin. It is the basis of the best Rioja wines in the world.


More information aboutBodegas Maximo

Company Name:Bodegas Maximo
Street:Camino Viejo de Logroño 26
City:01320 Oyón
Contact & Web
Telephone:(+34) 945 62 22 16
Fax:(+34) 945 62 23 15
Company Group:Grupo Baron de Ley