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Carchelo C DO 2019 - Bodegas Carchelo Carchelo C DO 2019 - Bodegas Carchelo
Red wine dry Spain Murcia (ES) Jumilla DO (ES)
Tapas Wine Collection Garnacha Rosé DO - Bodegas Carchelo Tapas Wine Collection Garnacha Rosé DO - Bodegas Carchelo
Rosé wine dry Spain Valencia (ES) Navarra DO (ES)
Tapas Wine Collection Moscato DO 2021 - Bodegas Carchelo
Tapas Wine Collection Moscato DO 2021 - Bodegas Carchelo
Semi-sparkling wine medium sweet Spain Valencia (ES) Valencia DO (ES)
Tapas Wine Collection Tempranillo DO - Bodegas Carchelo
Tapas Wine Collection Tempranillo DO - Bodegas Carchelo
Red wine dry Spain Valencia (ES) Valencia DO (ES)
- Tapas Wine Collection Verdejo DO 2022 - Bodegas Carchelo
White wine dry Spain Castile and León (ES) Rueda DO (ES)

Bodegas Carchelo is one of the new foundations in the region of Jumilla, which in recent years has made a fabulous triumph.

View of the Bodegas Carchelo

Bodegas Carchelo - with Monastrell and tradition to success 

The reasons for this success are the constant Mediterranean climate, the grape variety Monastrell and some winemaker personalities. One of them is Agapito Rico! He brought the Monastrell back into the world conversation made it a cult under the name "Carchelo".

Sun in the vineyard

Nowadays, Agapito is no longer the youngest, so he sold large shares of his bodega to two local young entrepreneurs a few years ago. One of them is Juan Sielva. He had been convinced by the Monastrell and Carchelo respectively many years before and was also enthusiastic about the culture of the  winery from the beginning. Fortunately, from the beginning, he felt a great need to take over the tradition of the winery. Juan Sielva kept the name, but introduced a new design for the labels and ensured a little more progress in the winery. He also ventured into new creations with his love of experimentation to add a little refinement to Carchelo 's product range. With success! Last but not least, it is also his dedication that perpetuates the recipe for success of the Carchelo winery. Agapito Rico is still active in the background and is always available with valuable tips for the successor. 

Terrain from Roman times, cooling breeze from the sea - that is Bodegas Carchelo

Bodegas Carchelo is located in the Levante region in southeastern Spain. Here, sun-drenched tasty grapes thrive on the vineyards of the Jumilla winery, from which the wine is made. The terrain is considered quite modern. And this despite the fact that it was already known at the time of the Romans. In the intervening years, of course, much has happened. What has remained, however, is the warming sun and the light breeze from the sea. Both provide optimal ripening conditions and contribute to the unmistakable taste of Carchelo

Vines in the valley

The secret of the Carchelo

The Carchelo has long since conquered the whole world with its finesse and aroma. Wine critics praise that you can literally taste the sun. Of course, the aging in the barrel contributes to this, which takes a full six months. This is followed by at least three more months of aging in the bottle. The Carchelo is mainly made from the Monastrell grape variety, but is varied with some individual grapes. Ultimately, the result is a modern, powerful red wine that tastes of fresh berries and knows how to seduce with a spicy note. 

Wine before pressing

These are the grape varieties of the winery Bodegas Carchelo

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Garnacha
  • Monastrell
  • Moscato
  • Shiraz
  • Tempranillo
  • Verdejo

More information aboutBodegas Carchelo

Company Name:Bodegas Carchelo
Street:Casas de la Hoya s/n
City:30520 Jumilla
Contact & Web
Telephone:+ 34 96 843 5137
Fax:+ 34 96 843 5200