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About us

Our drive

A guest at VINELLO

We like to drink wine. Whether white, red or rosé. Wine is passion, taste, pleasure. Values worthy of wine enthusiasts like you, uncomplicated and carefree, delivered directly to your home. With a large selection of wine, spirits and delicatessen, we want to offer enthusiastic gourmets, and those who want to be, what you like. We like to meet like-minded people who want to enjoy both drinking and eating, selected quality at an affordable price. Come along on a journey to meet people, visit countries and experience the flavors of the world. The earth is big - So is all of our thirst for new experiences.

Our store

VINELLO is a Dresden-based, family-owned, medium-sized company. Specializing in the wholesale and retail of wine and spirits, we supply customers (almost) all over the world. On all channels, in the most modern way.

In addition, we offer with the depot VINELLO.store in the Bärensteiner Straße a tangible contact with our partners and guests. The offer is aimed at private individuals as well as gastronomy and other businesses.

In short: we have wine.

In the past we still supplied from our own cellar. We have grown continuously to become one of the largest online retailers for wine and spirits in Germany. This not only makes us proud, but also gives us a great responsibility towards our clientele. We will continue to offer high quality products that satisfy your pleasure. Together we are expanding our wealth of experience. Drop by drop.  

We regularly visit our partner wineries and taste the latest vintages and trends. We bring the best wines with us. A lot of expertise in wine purchasing and personal relationships with wineries allow us to offer you fair prices and attractive quantity discounts. Besides our wine assortment, we also deal in spirits, sparkling wine, champagne, prosecco, cremant and cava. Wine for everyone, everything else too.

Our service

We are committed to making shopping pleasant and easy, so that you can concentrate on what is important. This will result for you in our promise of an uncomplicated and fair purchase process.

Our history

2009 - Sex or drugs?

Dark times it was. Hardly any wine in Dresden, hardly any hope for connoisseurs. But the married couple Katja and René Harnisch set out to confront dry throats in the city. Turning a hobby into a profession - but which hobby? Weighing up the options, they decided on wine - after all, they like to drink. Especially after the birth of daughter Greta - a wonderful holiday to start an internet business. So in June 2009 onlinewweinkeller.de started in the own four walls. More precisely in our own cellar. No bigger than the room you are probably in at the moment. 5.000 bottles of wine and spirits. The first customers were not long in coming: a homeless shelter in Hamburg, 6 bottles of rum. The beginning of a success story.

The vision was already there then as it is today. Customer satisfaction was the top priority. And the customers were satisfied. Both online and in the retail store in Königsbrücker Straße. One was curious what the future held in store.

2011 - Cellar wines all well and good..

...,but the construct wine trade had to change. An own, all-encompassing and independent platform had to come. Without middlemen and the like. A real omnichannel. A suitable name was easily found. VINELLO.de - The starting signal for one of the largest online retailers in Germany for wine, spirits and even more fun. With the Claim wine for all communicated one clearly out that it concerns here not an elitären or versnobten acting. The sommelier his Château Leoville-Las-Cases 2ème Grand Cru Saint-Julien AOC 2009, the layman his bottle of white wine. To each his little bottle.

2016 - A bit tight here

Cellar, store, all full of alcohol. What basically does not sound so bad, slowly became problematic. The increasing demand caused a bunch of bureaucracy, logistics and a lot of lack of space. It was time to leave the nest and give VINELLO its own home. April 2016. Bamberg Street for more bang. Large warehouse space for over 6,700 different types of wine and spirits.

Online all well and good. But people need people. Something to touch, to caress, to taste. A place where pleasure-oriented gallery customers can meet and linger together. The VINELLO.store, a retail outlet in the Centrum Galerie Dresden, has opened. Designed by Dresden architect Alexander Poetzsch, the store layout is reminiscent of a wine cellar - back to the roots. Here you meet experienced sommeliers and a lot of bottles. Not the customer, of course, we like to have with us.

2017 - Wine and sausage - The stadium visit

Since the 2017/2018 season, the DDV Stadium has enjoyed the "most beautiful wine terrace in town" - the VINELLO Dynamo VIP Zone. As a partner of SG Dynamo Dresden, we provide fans and spectators with delicious moves, er wine. Unique in German professional soccer, you can now see the SGD with a wine instead of beer. Or even with both. But don't forget to support Dynamo.

With the wine lounge in the stadium, as a sponsor of the Hope Gala and the Ice Fairy Tale and through cooperation with foundations and initiatives, VINELLO is always socially active. Our wine trade sees itself as more than just a seller - we are ambassadors of good taste and joie de vivre. Values that we are happy to share with everyone. You too? We are open to new things.