2er Vorteilspaket - Jacopo Poli Kreme 17 Bomb Likör mit Ei und Waffelbecher

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1.4 Liter (27.28€ * / 1 Liter)

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2er Vorteilspaket - Jacopo Poli Kreme 17 Bomb Likör mit Ei und Waffelbecher
38.19 € 40.19€
1.4 l (27.28€ * / 1 l)

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Here you will find the popular Kreme 17 Bomb Liqueur with Egg in a set with waffle cups, which are covered inside with chocolate.

The delicious liqueur with egg from Jacopo Poli is made from fresh milk, egg yolks and grappa. The typical aromas unfold in the nose when pouring into the waffle cups. On the palate wonderfully creamy, delicate and at the same time unforgettably lush. 

The 2 pack - Jacopo Poli Cream 17 Bomb Liqueur with Egg and Waffle Mug includes: 

  • 2 bottles of Poli Cream 17 Bomb Liqueur with Egg by Jacopo Poli
  • 1 Pack of Decor on Ice Waffle Mugs by DeBeukelaer (Pack of 16)

Die Waffelbecher von DeBeukelaer

Manufacturer:  DeBeukelaer
Manufactured in: Germany
Content: 60g - 16 cups

Waffle mug with cocoa-containing fat icing (51%)
Ingredients: Wheat flour, palm kernel fat completely hardened, sugar, low-fat cocoa powder (7.5%), emulsifier (lecithin (contains wheat)), palm kernel fat, table salt, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), whey product

May contain traces of: egg, nuts (CH: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashew nut, pistachios, macadamia nut, pecans), soy. 

Protect from heat. Store in a dry place. After opening, consume within a few days. Made in Germany.  Average nutritional information per/Nutrition information average values per/Valori nutrizionali medi per / Valeurs nutritionnelles moyennes pour 100g

carbohydrates/carbohydrates / carboidrati / glucides59g fibre/fibre / fibre alimentari/fibres alimentaires protein/ proteins/protéines7.5g
Energy / energy / energia / énergie  2157 kJ / 516 kcal
Fat / fat / grassi/matières grasses 27g
of which saturated fatty acids / or whicht saturates / di cui acidi grassi saturi dont acides gras satureés 26g
of which sugar / of which sugars/di cui zuccheri / dont sucres 17g
Salt/salt/sale / sel 0.50g


Product type: Spirits
Type of spirit: Liqueur with egg , Cream liqueur
Number of bottles: 2
Country: Italy
Region: Venetien (IT)
Starting product: Egg
Vintage: NV
Aromas & Palate Notes: Caramel
Taste: sweet
Optimal serving temperature in °C: 11 - 13
Glass Recommendation: Liqueur glass , Sherry Glass/ Nosing Glass
Occasion & Theme: Gift for good friends , Mother's Day , Easter , Party , Valentine's Day , Christmas
Bottle Design & Features: elegant
Bottle size in L: 0,7
Shutter type: cork stopper
Alcohol % ABV: 17,0
Recommendation: Team Tip
Distributor: Poli Distillerie - Via Marconi 46 - 36060 Schiavon (VI) Italien
Allergens & Misc. Ingredients: contains egg or egg white , contains milk and lactoprotein
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